I am a member of GembaChina's PD team , and have 2-3 years experiences in scripts programming , web application developments , and linux server's managements , my major in university is Petroleum Machinery , my favorite course is Java/PHP programming , and I do not like micrtsoft/adobe 's courses . My github address is , and here it is my blog , I am also fond of cooking and writing . I have a brother who's major is Java , and still learning in college .
The first time that I access lean's thinking is an article in InfoQ . Author of the article is an export of Extreme Programming (XP) , he's name is Richard Durnall , he is in favor of the point of view that XP is not only the best kits and the best programmers , and XP needs someone who is experienced in the processes of project's development , and reducing the useless requirements , people in PD team discuss how to refactor the code and make modules clear , low coupling and standardized . There is no one right way in developments , people should abandon the concept that is "Cargo Cult Agile" (Cargo Cult Agile's description : ) .
I love freedom and I like open source , my favorite open-source's project is symfony , webpy and angularjs , Aaron Swartz is the autor of webpy and is the revolutionist that always inspires me .
Living in Hubei and learn my skills in one of the universities of wuhan , I have been developed some open-source projects for free during my school time and internship , I want to be the first one put consult and training online .
I am the son of a great mother , she is a doctor and she love her children , family and life , she love dancing and cooking , she always insipres me with her works because she can make patients relaxed and recovered.

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