LoggerOne - 高效、简约、强扩展性PHP日志类库



One Efficient & Light & Flexible high performance PHP log implemention of PSR-3


Inherently cached message record using PHP object attribute.



$ composer require logger-one/logger-one

Invoke by default mode - 默认的调用方式

Will using FileHandler create a log file named for %Y%m%d and appendix .log at LoggerOne root folder, ervery message as line with the original - 在默认情况下,Logger会使用FileHandlerCommonFormatter 输出一个保存在Logger同目录的命名格式为 %Y%m%d的日志文件。

$logger = LoggerOne\Logger::getInstance();  // Strongly recommend

$message = 'test log message {placeholder1} {placeholder2}';

$replacements = ['placeholder1' => 'Foo', 'placeholder2' => 'bar'];

$logger->info($message, $replacements);

Change FileHandler default path - 改变默认日志文件保存地址

$logFile = './tmp/loggerOne.log'; // Your path where you want

$handler = new LoggerOne\Handler\FileHandler($logFile);



Specific Handler & Formatter - 指定使用特定的Handler/Formatter

$handler = new LoggerOne\Handler\FooHandler();

$handler = new LoggerOne\Formatter\BarFormatter();


$logger->info('some test log message');

Flush log message immediately - 立即输出到日志文件的调用方法

Once calling flush method will write all previous message by handler - 这样将不缓存日志内容,而把调用前所有的message立即写入到标的处。

$logger->info('some test log message')->flush();


Handler Extension Simple - Handler的扩展方式

Put your own MySQLHandler.php in LoggerOne\Handler folder - 将你的扩展文件放置到LoggerOne/Handler目录

namespace LoggerOne\Handler;

class MySQLHandler implements Handler
    protected $db;
    protected $table_name;
    public function __construct(string $table_name, object $dbHandle = null)
        $this->table_name = $table_name;
        $this->db = $dbHandle;
    public function write($messages)
        $batchData = [];
        foreach ($messages as $level => $message) {
            $batchData[] = ['level' => $level, 'message' => $message, 'created' => time()];
        $this->db->insertBatch($this->table_name, $batchData);

Use MySQLHandler.php - 使用扩展

$logger = new LoggerOne\Logger();

$handler = new LoggerOne\Handler\MysqlHandler($yourLogTableName, $yourDbHandle);


$logger->info('some test log message');

Formatter Extension Simple - Formatter的扩展方式

The way just like Handler extending - 聪明的你,你可以按你想发灵活的编写你希望的Formatter处理类,过程和Handler扩展流程同理,放到Formatter目录就可以开始使用了。


  • If you have not using composer, should remember load all dependency class in your way. - 如果你不使用composer, 请记得用你的方式加载所有必须的依赖类库。

  • Try to keep your handler write in batches for performace - 如果你做了Handler扩展,为了性能请尽量确保它是批量完成写操作的。

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