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  • [adjustment] change the procedure of the application for being a lecturer

  • [adjustment] change the way of how to start or end the live


  • [new] some details about the OBS setting

  • [new] the reminder : stop streaming before the live in 15 minutes


  • [new] the download address of OBS

  • [new] the limitation of hardware device


  • [adjustment] more details and introduction about the OBS setting (with more screenshots)

  • [new] what should you do if there is emergency while live streaming

Before you read:
After two months , we finally launched SegmentFault Live, a new platform for developers to communicate and share their ideas and opinions. with Live streaming and chatting in real-time, millions of developers can learn and share from the lecturer, even from each other.
During the two-month iteration ,we had kept working on the effect of live ,playback, document view and real-time chatting. and now we have this imperfect live streaming guideline, hoping to give developers a better experience and understanding about the product. meanwhile, we love your feedback, too.

For the audience

1. What is SegmentFault Live?

SegmentFault Live is a live platform aimed to creating valuable and technical content. for now developers can share with others by live streaming and real-time chatting.and we also have functions such as document download and playback in case anyone who are interested miss it.

2. Where can I watch SegmentFault Live ?

3. Is the live free?

we only have paid lives, depending on how much the lecturers set.

4. Where can I apply for the live? will I get a notification before the live?

you can apply both from the website or mobile app (you should have a SegmentFault account).
you will get a notification in your account in 15 minutes before the live. meanwhile you will receive the same notification through email or phone (depending on how you sign up).
Furthermore, if you have a WeChat account , you can follow our WeChat Service Account (a kind of WeChat Official Account, search Support_SegmenFault in WeChat) which will also send notification to you before the live.

5. What if I miss the live?

we will record each live, you can watch the video after live (usually the second day ) anytime you want.

6. What if I have questions or suggestions?

we’d love to have your feedback, you can send it to us through our official feedback platform / In-App feedback / official weibo account /offficial WeChat account .

For the Lecturer

1. How can I become the lecturer ?

Only lecturers are allowed to stream on our platform.we usually invite developers that have some influence in technical fields to be our lecturers. and you’re also welcomed to apply here, our marketing staff will contact you in 3 workdays if the conditions are right.

2. What should I prepare for the webinar after I become a lecturer?

If you’ve considered the topic of the live, you can submit the live form in the website and wait for the review.
For a better webinar , A brief powerpoint and an elaborative introduction are highly recommend. furthermore, you can even live coding :p

3. How long will it take for the review of live?

24 hours.

Set up OBS to stream to SF Live

once your application has been approved ,you can prepare for the live, before you start streaming on SF Live, you need to download encoding software ,here we give OBS as an example.

1. What should I prepare before the live ?

Download the Encoder :Open Broadcaster Software (official download and CloudDrive download) ,OBS allows you to capture content,including your desktop, camera ,microphone and so on, then send it to SF Live to be streamed to the audience.

2. Can I test before the live?

Yes, you can edit and test your live at any time before the live starts. you should know that only you and the administrators can see the real-time preview before the live.
Note that you should stop streaming before the live starts in 15 minutes, or we can’t record your video . So recording in OBS ( below the start streaming button) is recommended just in case.

3. How to setup in OBS ?

  1. Device limitation

    • Basic: Dual-core Processor ,2G memory at least

    • Recommend: i5 CPU, 4G memory at least

  2. visit speedtest to get your upload speed(picture below),low upload speed will effect the quality of your streaming content, It will even make the video image stuck if the speed is too low. Generally ,1 - 2 Mbps are acquired for live streaming ,meanwhile ,you should pay attention to the bitrates and resolutions settings in the OBS in case your upload speed can’t afford it (see the steps 4):


  3. Here are steps about bitrates and resolution settings in OBS :

  4. It's important to make sure your live stream is high quality. Make sure you choose a quality that will result in a reliable stream based on your Internet connection(upload speed).Here are some reference
    Note if the video image is still unstable while testing, you should lower the value of bitrate or resolution:

4. how to start the webinar using OBS?

  1. open OBS, click the 「settings」 to begin configuring stream settings.

  2. open SegmentFault Live, find the webinar you want to live ,click the 「stream information」(推流信息)button below the webinar to get the RTMP URL and Stream Key,and simply copy them into OBS:

  3. now you can edit the scene and source configuration.Different scenes can add different sources.meanwhile each source can edit for hidden/show and size.
    Usually adding different sources in one scene are enough for the live. you can open your keynote or any editor you prepare to use ( if you wanna live coding )while streaming first, and choose the app when adding a widow capture :图片描述

  4. now all are set up, you can click the 「start streaming」button to broadcasting to SegmentFault, Remember to click the 「start recording」 button to record the content just in case.

While Live streaming…

our working staff will follow up the live the whole time, all you have to do is to enjoy the live steaming :p:

1. How to end the live ?

Just click the 「stop streaming」button in OBS and we will stop the live later.

2. What if I couldn’t stream right on time?

THe validity of each stream key is 12 hours, so you can still stream in 12 hours after preset time.

3. What should I do if there is an emergency such as many people say they can’t see or hear it ?

our working staff will follow up your live and make sure it goes smoothly, so if there do is a problem they will contact you.
You just need get prepared for your live and share the your idea to the audience.and furthermore, Don’t forget to enjoy the live :)

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