Travel Management System 原理


Project Case Study – Semester 3
Travel Management System:
John is working as a Java Developer in Dream Travel Inc. He has been assigned a task to
develop a software “Travel Management System”. Currently the Contact details of all the
tourists are being stored in a physical register maintained by the various receptionists. This
current process of storing details leads to the following problems:

  1. Contacts are not being added on time
  2. Old contacts are not being updated systematically.
  3. Searching Contact details are tedious job for receptionist.
  4. As one receptionist finishes his/her duty, another receptionist will take over the
    responsibility, which creates lots of confusion for them, because they are not aware of
    what manipulations has done by earlier person.
    John has decided to develop an application by considering the following guidelines:
  5. First of all, whenever this software gets open, Dream Travel admin should enter his/her
    Username & password in order to use this application.
  6. After the successful login, admin will be redirected to the Home Panel, where he will find
    the following options.
    a. Tour Packages option: By clicking on Tour packages button he/she will switched to
    Tour Packages Frame
    b. Tourist Record option: by clicking on Tourist record Button: By clicking on Tourist
    Record button he/she will switched to Tour Packages Frame
  7. If the admin chooses Tourist Record, admin will be able to add new tourist record,
    update existing tourist record and in addition to that admin can able to see all tourist
    list and also can delete any record, if required.
    Here, after clicking on Add tab, New Tourist record can be added.
    For this, the admin has to enter the following details.
  8. Name
  9. Contact No.
  10. Address
  11. Nationality
  12. Passport No. of a particular tourist
    If the admin click on Edit option, Admin can change the following details by choosing his/her
    passport number from the drop down list:
  13. Name
  14. Contact no.
  15. Address
  16. Nationality (from drop down list)
    By clicking on Delete tab, the Tourist record can be deleted, for this his/her passport number
    should be selected from the drop down list.
    Tour Packages Option:
    In Tour Packages option, admin will be able to add new tour packages and edit/ delete
    existing tour packages.
    Here for adding tour package, Admin will click on Add tab, then
  17. Enter package name
  18. Enter package code
  19. Enter Country
  20. Enter days
  21. Enter Itinerary
    Now the admin can submit the records, by clicking on Submit button, then the new tour
    package will be added.
    The admin can also reset the wrongly entered data, by clicking on Reset button.

Next, the admin can edit a package and also delete a package.
By clicking on delete tab and entering the details of,

  1. Package Name
  2. Package Code
    And then by clicking on Delete button, any existing tour package will be deleted.
    Finally to view any Tourist record or Tour Package, admin can directly go to View frame.
    To view tour packages records, admin should click on Tour Packages Info.
    Admin can able to all Tourist Information by clicking on Tourist Information Button.
    In any page, if the admin clicks on Log Out button, it will redirect the admin to the Login Page.
    Database Design
    This Project will have the following Tables:
    field type describe_en
    i d int primary key, not null
    username varchar(50) user name, not null
    password varchar(50) user password, not null
    field type describe_en
    package_name varchar(50) not null
    package_code varchar(50) primary key, not null
    country varchar(50) not null
    no_of_days int not null
    itinerary varchar(100)not null
    Tour Packages
    field type describe_en
    name varchar(50) not null
    contact_no varchar(50) not null
    address varchar(50) not null
    nationality varchar(10) not null
    passport_no varchar(50) primary key, not null
    Tourists Information


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