Make the management and disaster recovery of large organizations simpler: One cloud and multiple regions solution

Introduction to Cloud Hybrid Cloud Apsara Stack: the comprehensive upgrade of enterprise version capabilities and the release of new scene-oriented products for Government and enterprises build a high-speed to the cloud.

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On July 14th, at the Alibaba Cloud new product launch conference, Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Product Director Xie Ning officially announced Cloud Hybrid Apsara Stack heavy upgrade : comprehensive upgrade of enterprise version capabilities, agile version of the scene-based new product release, for government and enterprise Build a high-speed to the cloud.

The "one cloud, multiple regions" solution under the hybrid cloud mode is one of the important capabilities of this heavy upgrade. Multiple regions can be deployed hierarchically as needed, and each region is interconnected and managed in a unified manner.

What exactly is this "one cloud" and "multiple regions"? What problems can companies solve with this architecture?

Multi-Region: Large deployment scale and cross-domain disaster recovery

We know that large organizations or large enterprises usually have business spread across the country or even the world, and they often choose to build their own "proprietary cloud" at the group headquarters. There are many hierarchical functional organizations under the headquarters, and each functional organization will run an independent For this complex overall classification scenario, the multi-region architecture can well support the interconnection of services, and achieve higher and more flexible workloads through large-scale deployment. Different from the traditional method of cascading multiple physical clusters to form an ultra-large scale, a single cluster of Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud can exceed 10,000 units. There are two advantages. One is that the resources in a single cluster can be used flexibly, and the other is support. Carrying out cross-domain big data calculations, making resources and computing power truly "one cloud", improving the scalability of the cloud platform and significantly reducing management complexity and costs.


However, as the number of regions increases, security and stability are extremely important. Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud has designed a “strong headquarters control + hierarchical cloud” solution for super-large-scale and complex scenarios. The central region of the headquarters and the unit regions of each hierarchical cloud are designed in Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud. In, intra-city disaster recovery can be established to ensure the high availability of business and disaster recovery switching capabilities in the current Region; and remote disaster recovery can be established between each unit Region and the unit/central region to support the capacity of any region to another cloud. Disaster; in this way, the failure of the central region or any unit Reigon will not affect other regions, ensuring the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the system business.

In addition to the protection at the moment of failure, daily data can be backed up across regions from multiple regions to one region or another cloud. Even if a failure occurs, the data can be quickly restored.

One cloud: unified management and operation and maintenance of hybrid cloud management platform from center to branch

If multiple regions solve the problem of multi-cloud interconnection and security isolation in the enterprise, then one cloud is to solve the problem of multi-cloud management and operation and maintenance in complex scenarios.

The central Region where the headquarter is located can effectively manage multiple regions through the Aliyun hybrid cloud management platform (Apsara Uni-manager). The hybrid cloud management platform is an enterprise-level cloud management platform for Alibaba Cloud's proprietary cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios. Fangfang's cloud resource supply, operation and maintenance and operation management capabilities, with core competencies such as integrated management and control, automated operation and maintenance, intelligent analysis and personalized expansion, are committed to simplifying hybrid cloud management.

Facing the management of complex organizational structures in large enterprises, the central Region can be regarded as the headquarters of the organization, and the hybrid cloud management platform is the intelligent commander stationed in the headquarters. It mainly adopts a decentralized and domain-based management model. At the level of cloud resource use and maintenance, administrators with a regional resource management authority can only manage the equipment and use related functions in their own jurisdiction, but cannot manage resources in other regions. And equipment. At the business and data configuration level, the administrators of each management area also only need to pay attention to the business and data resources in the area, and cannot view or modify the resources in other areas without authorization.


Through the hybrid cloud management platform, a sub-domain collaboration mode under centralized management is formed, so that the central region and ordinary regions are constructed on a provincial basis, cross-local network deployment, resource sharing, and collaborative management, saving supporting investment.

At the same time, applying the flexible switching and configuration capabilities of Region centralized management or edge Region autonomous management can make maintenance management more flexible, make full use of regional operation and maintenance resources, improve regional operation and maintenance efficiency, and reduce product use and operation in the region where the central region is located. Maintenance pressure to optimize the operation and maintenance process of cross-regional collaboration.


In addition to one cloud management, Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud can currently support Feitian operating systems compatible with X86, ARM, RISC-V and other chip architectures. In the traditional IT era, an IT ecosystem has been built around chips, but cloud computing has fundamentally changed this model. The cloud operating system can encapsulate server chips, dedicated chips and other hardware into standard computing power. Regardless of whether the underlying chip is X86, ARM, RISC-V or hardware acceleration, it provides customers with standard, high-quality cloud computing services.

Best Practices of "One Cloud, Multiple Regions"

At present, leading companies in government affairs, media, energy and other industries have adopted Alibaba Cloud’s "One Cloud, Multiple Regions" solution. For example, an energy company has built 3 headquarters data centers and 13 provincial (city) data centers. The total number of deployed servers (including intranet and extranet) exceeds 11,000. The data center of the provincial (city) branch and the three “central regions” of the headquarters form a physically decentralized and logically unified “one cloud”, which can carry out unified account authority management, unified resource monitoring and scheduling, unified service and management, Unified operation and operation and maintenance, unified data development and services.

Concluding remarks

Today in 2021, cloud computing has already penetrated into tens of millions of enterprises. From "full cloud access" to "cloud innovation", the scale and complexity of cloud services have increased significantly. Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud is providing secure and stable services On the basis of this, we are committed to making cloud construction easier, cloud management more sophisticated, and cloud use more efficient, and truly help enterprises run faster and more profitable.


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