2021 China Internet Conference officially released Alibaba Cloud's "Cloud Adoption Framework White Paper"

Introduction to On July 15, Alibaba Cloud and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology jointly released the "Cloud Adoption Framework White Paper" at the 2021 China Internet Conference Digital Governance Forum.

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On July 15, 2021, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as the "Institute of Information and Communications Technology") grandly held the "2021 China Internet Conference-Digital Governance Forum". With the theme of "Technology Empowers Corporate Governance, Governance Escorts the Digital Future", the forum aims to build a good communication platform for the industry and promote the sustainable and healthy development of digital governance of various enterprises. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology participated in the speech, expressing the great importance to the digital governance of enterprises, and the need for digital governance and digital transformation to become a double helix and sustainable development. We need to use governance and technology to escort our digital future. Increase the support for governance concepts and use new technology to help companies carry out digital development.

Alibaba Cloud and the Institute of Information and Communications Technology jointly released the first "Cloud Adoption Framework White Paper" in the domestic industry at the Digital Governance Forum. This white paper provides enterprises with four parts of guidance cloud migration strategy, cloud migration preparation, application cloud and operation management Based on the Alibaba Cloud Landing Zone cloud management and governance framework, this white paper helps companies build cloud IT top-level architecture and governance solutions including identity management, resource planning, network planning, financial management, compliance auditing, and security protection. Help enterprises to rationally plan the IT environment on the cloud, realize efficient collaboration, security compliance, and cost control, so as to fully release the efficiency of cloud computing and promote the agile innovation of enterprise business.

Cloud Landing Zone Enterprise Cloud First Step" at the Digital Governance Forum of the Internet Conference. Accumulated actual customer experience in the field of cloud migration and governance for high-level customers, and how to summarize and precipitate the first "Cloud Adoption Framework White Paper" in the domestic industry based on the practice of Landing Zone.

With the digital economy becoming the new engine of China's economic growth, a broad consensus has been formed on digitalization as a new development situation in the industry, and digital governance has gradually become the only way for enterprise transformation. Alibaba Cloud has established an enterprise IT governance product line. As a “first mover” and “practitioner” in the field of cloud management and governance, Alibaba Cloud has accumulated many years of experience in the process of serving many enterprise customers, and has concluded that there are two types of status quo in enterprise customers going to the cloud. : "Business priority type" and "Governance priority type". Business-first enterprises go to the cloud with business applications first, but after reaching a certain scale, they will begin to redesign their management and governance systems due to the pressure of IT management on the cloud. Therefore, rework costs and governance are more difficult. In comparison, the governance-priority enterprises have completed the systematic architecture design for the use and management of the cloud in the initial stage of preparation for the cloud, so as to effectively avoid the hidden risks caused by poor IT management on the cloud after the large-scale migration to the cloud. . Therefore, systematic methodology and professional technical product guidance can help enterprises form digital cloud governance solutions.

Based on many years of customer cloud experience and best practices, Cloud took the lead in exporting cloud adoption framework methodology, and the Academy of Information . This white paper not only describes how to reasonably plan, use and manage cloud assets and build a compliant, agile and efficient enterprise IT service system from the perspective of IT management; it also describes the core of cloud computing to the enterprise from the perspective of business Value, such as the effective use of cloud standard service templates to realize the rapid implementation of business applications in the cloud, effective cost and resource monitoring to reduce enterprise business operation risks, and the use of automated tools and methods on the cloud to enhance the enterprise's agile development and operation and maintenance capabilities. In the future, cloud computing will be ubiquitous, and enterprises are increasingly demanding cloud use. Cloud "Cloud Adoption Framework" can be the first standardized solution for enterprises to go to the cloud, providing a series of best practices based on Landing Zone Cloud and help enterprises "get the cloud and manage the cloud." 16108bf4919262 provides a solid foundation for the agile business development in the digital age.


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