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VForm is an advanced form component based on Vue 2.0 and Element UI. It is positioned to provide front-end developers with the functions of quickly building forms, realizing form interaction and data collection.

The full name of VForm is Variant Form, which means a flexible, dynamic and diversified Vue form component.
VForm provides a wealth of component property settings, form interaction events and API methods, click here to experience: VForm experience

VForm functions at a glance:


  1. Drag-and-drop visual form design, what you see is what you get;
  2. Rich form component support, including more than 20 basic form components and advanced components;
  3. Support multiple layout containers, including grids, tables, tabs, and sub-forms;
  4. Expose component interaction events, which can handle complex interaction logic;
  5. Provide a wealth of component API methods;
  6. Provide rich component property settings;
  7. The component supports custom CSS styles;
  8. The component supports custom verification;
  9. Support multi-language internationalization, with built-in Chinese and English languages;
  10. Support PC/H5 two form design modes;
  11. Form design supports undo and redo history functions;
  12. Good openness, supporting API methods of extended components;
  13. Support popular browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge, etc., compatible with IE 11 browser;
  14. Support the browser cache function, automatically save the latest state of the form, no need to worry about the loss of work results;
  15. Export Vue components or HTML source code for easy integration in historical projects;

VForm advanced interaction example-to realize the subtotal and cumulative automatic update of the sub-form:

Technical exchange : WX search for "vformAdmin"

open source warehouse :

language bird document :

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