"Container Persistent Storage Training Camp" starts countdown! 3 days to break through the difficulties of K8s


According to the latest CNCF survey results, the proportion of companies using Kubernetes in production environments has increased from 78% to 83%. As the core platform of cloud native, Kubernetes has attracted more and more developers to understand, learn and master.
On this basis, as cloud native’s influence on business innovation continues to appear, it has become a general trend for enterprises to apply containers to production environments. The problem of persistent data storage has always been a major challenge for container technology.
In order to solve the above problems and quickly help developers overcome Kubernetes technical problems, we and the development teams of ACK CNFS and NAS have prepared a "hard core" training camp to bring everyone a live broadcast course full of dry goods, not only providing technical difficulties In-depth interpretation, best practice experience and successful case sharing, and the actual combat link will take you "immersive" hands-on experience, and there are multiple surprises and gifts waiting for you!
On September 22, "Kubernetes Difficulties Breaking Series: Container Persistent Storage Training Camp" will officially open soon!

01 Introduction to the training camp

The Kubernetes Difficulty Breaking Series-Container Persistent Storage Bootcamp, jointly created by the Alibaba Cloud Container Service team and the developer community, aims to help more developers cope with the challenges of learning and using Kubernetes.
September 22nd-September 24th, 3 days, concentrated breakthroughs. In this training camp, you will understand why containers need persistent storage, the basic concepts of Kubernetes container service orchestration, the architecture and implementation of persistent storage, and let you master the best practices of container persistent storage through actual combat.

02 Event Welfare

After completing all tasks of the container persistent storage training camp, you can receive event prizes according to the following rules:

  • Learn how to play in the training camp + check in the course + complete the creation of a universal NAS file system (open at 10:00 on September 24, check the check-in results after 15:00 the next day) + complete the sample room experiment + complete the online exam certification
  • Receive the prizes in the order of completion of the check-in task. 1-10 people will receive the prize Xiaomi earphones, while receiving container product coupons (ACK Pro, ACREE), 11-20 people will receive the prize Alibaba Cloud customized T-shirts, 21-60 people will receive the prize ACK customization small fan

03 Practical course

(September 22-24, classes start from 17:00-18:00 every day)
DAY1: What kind of data storage can help container computing
Speaker: Alibaba Cloud Container Product Expert, Zhang Nan (Chao Xi)
Content introduction: This course will introduce the challenges of data storage in container computing, analyze the similarities and differences of current storage forms used in container computing environments, and Alibaba Cloud's insights and innovations in data storage in the field of container computing.
DAY2: The best practice of container network file system CNFS in the field of container computing
Speakers: Xu Taiming, Alibaba Cloud Storage Senior Technical Expert, Alibaba Cloud Storage Technical Expert, Meng Wei
Introduction: Introduce the best practices and successful cases of Alibaba Cloud's innovative CNFS file storage system in various scenarios.
DAY3: [Practical experience] Build container elastic web and content management system step by step
Speaker: Alibaba Cloud Container Product Expert, Kan Junbao
Content introduction: Demonstrate how to use ACK and CNFS to quickly build a resilient web and content management system step by step. At the same time, using the free experimental environment, you can experience the safe, easy-to-use, simple and efficient Alibaba Cloud ACK and CNFS file systems.
From September 22nd to September 24th, the training camp courses will be broadcast live on Dingding Group. The teacher will take you to learn the basic knowledge and master the practical ability in a combination of practical and theoretical methods. At the same time, they will also answer questions in the group. . Use three days to focus on breakthrough!
Scan the QR code of the poster or click the link ( https://developer.aliyun.com/learning/trainingcamp/kubernetes ) to join the training camp
Let's start the journey of breaking through the difficulties of Kubernetes!


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