[Live Preview] Alibaba Cloud Service Grid ASM Product Usability Improvement Practice and Thinking


1. Live broadcast theme

"Practice and Thoughts on Improving the Usability of Service Grid ASM Products"

2. Live time

September 26 16:00-17:00

3. Live guest

Senior Technical Expert of Alibaba Cloud, Li Yun (zhijian)

4. Introduction to live broadcast

In order to finally jointly build a global de facto standard, the ASM product of Alibaba Cloud Service Grid chose to use the open source Istio as the basis for capability enhancement and productization. Istio has made a good conceptual abstraction for the future of microservice governance and is powerful. It also brings usability problems because of its powerful functions.

Users operating and maintaining service grids through YAML files not only have high technical barriers, but are also prone to errors. This live broadcast will share ASM's work progress and thinking behind the ease of use of products in the past few months.

Five, make an appointment now

Click the link ( https://live.bilibili.com/23021247 ), or scan the poster QR code to follow the live broadcast of Alibaba Cloud Cloud Native Station B
(This course will be broadcast live on the Alibaba Cloud native video account, so stay tuned~)


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