CSIT242 Autumn Session 2022
Assignment #1
Due: 05:00 pm Monday 11 April 2022
Marks: 20 marks (20%)
The purpose of this assignment is to create an interactive application using different
views, multiple activities (scenes) and programmatically manipulate UI components.
For the purpose of this assignment, one application should be developed – by the
student’s choice – for the Android or iOS platform.
In this assignment, you will create an application, “My Entertainment”. The application
should calculate the charges for using entertainment facilities. The entertainment centre is
open every day (Monday-Sunday) from 6 am to 10 pm. Each session is one hour (starting
every half-hour), and the user can have multiple sessions. For example:
Entertainment facility: Bowling
Day: Saturday, Start time: 12:30, hours: 3, End time: 15:30
Number of lanes: 2
Total amount: $120 (discount:$12) = $108
Your application should:
− Allow the user to choose the entertainment facilities: Bowling, Laser Arena,
Internet & Gaming Cafe, Karaoke, Magic Show, Rock Climbing, and Kid Playland.
− Allow the user to choose the desired day and time (starting at 6 am / every half-hour
– 6:00/6:30/7:00/7:30/…./20:30/21:00). However, the magic show has its schedule
for every two hours starting from 16:00, and the last show ends at 22:00 (only three
sessions a day).
− Allow user to choose how many hours ( or sessions) will use the facility;
− Present the chosen entertainment facilities, day, start and end time, number of
hours, number of participants or lanes(for bowling) and calculated charges
(amount in AUD);
− Allow the user to insert new/change the preferences and make as many calculations
as possible.
Your application must support all popular Android or iOS devices and screen sizes. You
should record which one you have tested on in your report.

  1. Design Requirements
    − The applications should have an icon and logo.
    − A logo is on the startup page and the first page of the application.
    − The sports facilities should be presented by name and logo/image (e.g. bowling
    − The user should easily navigate thru the application’s layouts (scenes). The
    application may use a navigation menu, and every layout (scene) should have a
    − If needed, the application may display additional Toasts, Snackbars or Alerts.
  2. Functionalities
    − The user should choose an entertainment facility (from the offered options).
    − The user should choose a day (from the offered options: Monday to Sunday). The
    default day option should be the current system date/time at the time of use.
    − The user should choose the beginning time (the time slots should be on every half
    hour). The default starting time option should be the next half-hour (or the
    following schedule for the magic show) based on the current system date/time (e.g.
    if the present time is 13:10, then the default starting time should be 13:30 or 16:00
    for the magic show).
    − The user should insert the number of hours/sessions (s) he will use the facility (the
    user can insert only an integer number).
    − The user should be able to set how many people (or lanes for bowling) to attend the
    entertainment facility, except for the karaoke room, which is fixed at a maximum of
  3. people per room.
    Note: The opening hours are 6 am to 10 pm. The user cannot start before 6 am or stay
    after 10 pm.
    − The application should display the user’s choices and calculated charges (total
    amount in AUD), including the discount if applicable.
    − The user can change any input information and recalculate the charges.
    − The application should provide simple instructions for the user (in the form of tips
    or as a separate layout/scene).
    The calculations for the charges are based on the:
  4. Type of the facility,
  5. Day and time in the week (peak or off-peak hours),
  6. Additional 10% discount if the user spends $100 and above.
    Entertainment Bowling:
    Day: Monday, Start time: 09.30, hours: 2, End time: 11.30
    Number of lanes: 2
    Total amount: 22$10 = $40
    Entertainment facility: Laser Arena
    Day: Sunday, Start time: 11.30, hours: 1, End time: 12.30
    Number of participlants: 2
    Total amount: 21$12 + 2*1*$10 = $44
    Entertainment facility: Magic Show
    Day: Friday, Start time: 16.00, hours: 2, End time: 18.00
    Number of participlants: 3
    Total amount: 3*$50 = $150 – discount10%: $15 = $135
  7. Testing and Deployment
    − The applications should be tested using the emulators within the Android studio,
    Xcode or by physical devices.
  8. Other Expectations
    Cost per
    one hour )
    Peak hours:
    Off-Peak hours:
    Peak hours:
    Off-Peak hours:
    Bowling $15 $10 $20 $15
    Internet &
    $12 $10 $15 $10
    Arena( per
    half an
    hour )
    $10 $8 $12 $10
    Karaoke $30 $25 $35 $30
    Show (per
    two hours)
    $50 - $50 -
    Climbing $15 $10 $20 $15
    Playland $15 $10 $15 $10
    − Use appropriate view controls/objects to design the applications.
    − Apply ‘delightful’ UI for the public to use.
  9. Prepare a report that has a header

    My name:
    My student number:
    My email address:

    Assignment number:

    Any requirements, remark, comment or readme for your applications should be present
    in the report. The report also should include test results with screen captures of (virtual)
    devices of the applications (during run-time). The source code (only Java or Swift)
    should be included in the appendix.

  10. Submit a ZIP file containing the project folder (Android or iOS) and your report (in
    .pdf) over Moodle submission link.
  11. You are not required to submit a hardcopy of the report. Ensure your project folders are
    complete and ready to be open by any other Android Studio IDE or Xcode for code
  12. Submit your assignment before the due date. Penalties apply to all late work, except if
    student academic consideration has been granted. Late submissions will attract a penalty
    of 20% of the assessment mark. This amount is per day, including weekends. Work
    more than five days late will be awarded a mark of zero.
  13. Submission via email is not acceptable.
  14. Assignments without reports will not be marked.
  15. Enquiries about the marks can only be made within a maximum of 1 week after the
    assignment results are published.
  16. By submitting this assignment, you declare that this assignment is Your own work, and
    you did not collaborate with or copy from others.
    Assessment Criteria Total Marks Given Marks
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