姜宁 ASF 2023 董事竞选宣言:成为开源世界的催化剂和变革者

在刚刚结束的 ASF Annual Meeting 上,2023 年新任 ASF Member 及董事会成员诞生了。Apache 软件基金会通过官方 blog 向大家公布了新一任董事的选举成果。Apache 软件基金会孵化器导师,ALC Beijing 发起人姜宁连任当选为 Apache 软件基金会 2023 年董事

以下是 SegmentFault 思否得到授权发布的其在本次 Apache 软件基金会董事会竞选中的竞选宣言。

首先先介绍一下我自己。我在 2006 年开始了对 ASF 的贡献之旅,并且成为 ASF 会员已经超过 12 年时间。去年我被选为董事会的董事。作为一个活跃的 Apache 孵化器导师,我已经帮助了 10 多个孵化项目 。三年前我在北京发起了 ALC(Apache 本地社群 Apache Local Community),在中国推广 Apache 之道和开源文化。我是 2021 年和 2022 年 ApacheCon Asia 的会议主席。

ASF 是一个伟大的地方,它将全世界的人们聚集在一起,为公共利益生产开源软件。ASF 的运作原则和政策有助于确保以透明、负责任和民主的方式进行项目监督。通过实践 “社区重于代码”,ASF 大力强调其项目是可持续的,并能长期持续地发展。作为一个社区的一份子我们相互学习相互帮助。

作为当地的导师,我见证并理解了东西方的文化差异对当地开发者的影响。发起 ASF 本地社群并举行面对面的聚会,为大家创造了一个可以分享大家共同面对的与开源相关的挑战性问题,在这里这些问题都可以获得社群的支持和解答。我非常乐意与 ASF 本土社群分享这些开源经验,帮助他们解决在开源开发过程中面临的实际问题,并在可能的情况下为增加中国的开源土壤肥力作出贡献。我热衷于为孵化项目提供支持,帮助他们完成孵化流程。作为孵化器的导师,我非常自豪地看到今年 Shenyu、Doris 和 Kyubbi 的毕业。

有了一年的董事经验,我可以成为 ASF 和项目之间更好的桥梁,特别是在整个项目的社区发展层面。我有信心为董事会带来一个独特而有价值的观点。如果我今年再次当选,我的重点和优先事项将是帮助 ASF 打破由地理、文化和语言造成的障碍。我希望通过以下方式,将我的时间用于充当催化剂和变革者。

  • 为社区的 ASF 项目带来更多可持续的建议。在阅读关于 Apache 旗下项目的报告时,我看到这些项目因为缺乏社区的支持而被迫退休。我们需要强调社区参与、透明度和最佳实践,以帮助确保 ASF 项目得到良好的支持和维护,并能够长期满足其用户的需求。
  • 在中国传播推广 ASF 项目和 Apache 之道。我一直很高兴能促进 ASF 和中国本土社群之间的了解。我带领 ALC Bejing 翻译了 ASF 的开源治理政策 ,并发表了关于运作开源项目的文章。在成功举办了两届 ApacheCon 亚洲在线峰会之后,我相信在赞助商、会议主席、演讲者和志愿者的支持下,我们今年可以成功举办一场线下会议。
  • 与中国的大型科技公司接触。通过多年举办 ApacheCon Asia 和指导孵化项目,我们(中国的 Apache 本地社群)与中国的大型科技公司的 OSPO(开源办公室)建立了良好的联系。我将进一步推动科技公司向与上游社群做出贡献,并且推进 ASF 项目也可以与这些新鲜血液进行良好的合作,共同解决的大家面临的技术问题,打造一个双赢开源生态环境。

ASF 一直是人们在开源世界中推动创新的一个充满魔力的场所。我真的很享受我在 ASF 的旅程,并希望能够发挥更大的作用。我非常期待着在另一个任期内从董事会为 ASF 服务。


For those who don’t know me, I started my contribution journey to ASF in 2006 and have been a member for over twelve years. Last year I was elected as a director of the board. As an active Apache Incubator mentor, I have helped 10+ podling projects. I started the ALC (Apache Local Community) Beijing three years ago to promote the Apache way and the open source culture in China. I’m the conference chair of ApacheCon Asia 2021and 2022.

The ASF is a great place that brings people worldwide to produce open-source software for the public good. The ASF operates under principles and policies that help ensure project oversight in a transparent, accountable, and democratic manner. By practicing “Community over Code”, the ASF strongly emphasizes that its projects are sustainable and can continue to thrive over the long term. We learn from each other and help each other as a community.

As a local mentor, I have witnessed and understood the cultural difference between the East and West affect local developers. Starting the local community and holding the in-person meetup create a safe place to share their challenging issues and get support from the community. It’s always my pleasure to share these experiences with the local community, helping them address their issues and contributing when and wherever possible to increase open-source soil fertility in China. I’m passionate about championing the podling projects and helping them go through the podling process. As an incubator mentor, I’m very proud to see the graduations of ShenYu, Doris, and Kyubbi this year.

With a year of experience as a board director, I can be a better bridge between the ASF and projects, especially on the community development level across the projects. I am confident in bringing a unique and valuable perspective to the board. If I am elected again this year, my focus and priorities will be to help the ASF to break the barriers caused by geography, culture, and language. I want to devote my time to acting as a catalyst and change agent by:

  • Bringing more sustainable insights into the community for the ASF projects. When reading about the reports of TLPs, I saw the projects moved to the attic because of the lack of support from the community. We need to emphasize community involvement, transparency, and best practices to help ensure that ASF projects are well-supported, well-maintained, and able to meet the needs of their users over time.
  • Spreading awareness of the ASF projects and the ASF Way in China. It’s always my pleasure to foster understanding between the ASF and the local Chinese community. I led ALC Bejing to translate ASF governance policies and published articles about running open-source projects. After successfully holding two ApacheCon Asia online summits, I am confident we can have an in-person conference this year with the support of sponsors, track chairs, speakers, and volunteers.
  • Engaging with the big tech companies in China. By holding the ApacheCon Asia and mentoring podling projects for years, we (Apache Local Communities in China) build good connections with the OSPOs of big tech companies in China. It could be a win-win situation if these company knows how to contribute to the upstream, and the ASF projects can work with these new blood to tackle the common tech problems.

The ASF has always been a magnificent place for people to boost innovation in the open-source world. I truly enjoyed my journey with the ASF and want to bring it to the next level. And I look forward to serving the ASF from the board of directors in another term.


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Believe in Open Source.

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