react f7怎么直接进入localhost:3007/about页面(而不是进入home页面)

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跑这儿问一个:react f7怎么使浏览器地址栏url和当前route同步更新,我看了这个react的template,他的所有route在被访问的时候,地址栏url是不变的。谢谢老铁们

As stated above, the route's path property means the path/url that will be displayed in browser window address bar (if pushState enabled) when the following route will be loaded either by api or clicking on a link with same path.

<Button onClick={()=>{props.f7router.navigate('/memoDetail/', { pushState: true, history: true })}} ></Button>


path: '/course',
pushState: true,
history: true,
component: CoursePage,



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view 加上pushState就好。
If you develop web app (not PhoneGap or Home Screen web app) it is useful to enable hash navigation (browser url will look like "!/about.html"). User as well will be able to navigate through app's history by using browser's default back and forward buttons.