The first Open Atom Developer Conference was held in October, and the topics were solicited!


The Open Atom Open Source Foundation plans to hold its first developer conference in October.

As the first annual developer event held by the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, this conference is aimed at developers, opinion leaders, representatives of core companies, beneficiaries of open source code and end users in various fields of the open source ecosystem. It focuses on open source innovation and promotes the open source ecosystem. prosperity.

At present, the conference has started soliciting speeches, publicly solicits the topics of this developer conference , and calls for topic committee volunteers , sponsors and collaborators in various fields .


Topic selection direction

The topics covered by this conference include but are not limited to:

  • The application of open source software in new technologies (such as: operating system, blockchain, edge computing, big data, Internet of Things, security, artificial intelligence, industrial intelligence, robotics, brain-computer interfaces, etc.)
  • Open source hardware
  • Open source culture
  • Open source content
  • Open source DevOps tools
  • Open source programming language
  • Open source community operation and governance
  • Open source laws and regulations and intellectual property
  • Open source education
  • Developer mental and physical health
  • Developer rights protection
  • Developer career development plan
  • Female developer

Topic form

  • Single keynote speech/double keynote speech: 20 minutes for each topic
  • Panel discussion: 3~5 speakers, 20 minutes in total

Subject submission requirements

If your topic selection direction is not in the above topic selection, please explain separately
Please provide a brief introduction to the topic, and provide an explanation of the topic's innovation, professionalism, and audience
Please provide the speaker's resume, including the speaker's contribution in the open source field and historical participation in the speech
If your speech requires special hardware or special resources, please specify

Please send the selected topic to the following email:
Please use "Submission of Topics for Developer Conference" as the subject of the registration email

Speaker rights

Speakers will get free VIP tickets for this conference
Speakers will receive a large gift package of cultural surroundings of this conference
Speakers can obtain personal information on the promotional materials and website of this conference

Time plan

  • In April 2021, the call for the topics of this conference will be issued, and the topics of the conference will be called for publicly.
  • The preliminary progress of topic selection will be released in May 2021
  • In June 2021, the topic selection channel for the conference will be closed, and the topic selection committee will determine the topic and notify the speaker
  • Determine and release the agenda and agenda of this conference in July 2021
  • Preliminary review of speech materials in August 2021
  • Final review of speech materials in September 2021
  • This conference will be held in October 2021

About Open Atom Open Source Foundation

Open Source Foundation is open atomic committed to promoting the development of the global non-profit organization open source industry , in June 2020 formally approved the establishment of Ministry of Civil Affairs in Beijing, Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, wave, 360, Merchants Bank Ten leading technology companies jointly initiated, with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the business guidance unit.

The Open Atom Open Source Foundation intends to systematically create an open framework for the information industry and industrial open source through co-construction, co-governance, and sharing, build an international open source community, improve the efficiency of industry collaboration, and empower thousands of industries.

At present, the business scope of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation mainly includes the provision of neutral intellectual property custody, strategic consulting, legal consulting, project operation, brand marketing, education and training services for all kinds of open source software, open source hardware, open source chips, and open source content.

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