Friends in the technical community, let us reunite in 2050!


What do you think of when 2050 is mentioned? ——
After the first batch of 00 entered 50 years old, the newly born children became the mainstay of the world;
A world like science fiction: up and down, endless exploration, advanced medical care, advanced transportation;

No one dared to predict that 2050 will be the development of science and technology to what level, what would become of the world - is becoming the mainstay of our society to create bold, but also rise of a new generation of young people .

new generation of young people look like, come to 2050 to see!

What is 2050?

Keywords: young, voluntary, technology

The 2050 conference is a that allows young people to reunite because of technology , jointly initiated by 160877731524a1, Dr. Wang Jian, the founder of young people can stand on their own stage in terms of what they think they want to do .

This is also a conference without a set of topics. Hundreds of rich thematic forums brought by hundreds of volunteer producers: aerospace, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, unmanned driving, innovation and entrepreneurship, women's power... Equality here Freedom, innovation and openness, lively and interesting, full of vigor, dare to do, everything grows.

Coming to 2050 is not to attend meetings, but to create something. Young people are reunited because of technology, so that the more impossible it is to meet, the more miracles will happen. "If it weren't for 2050, I would probably not come to ." 160877731524fa, referring to 2050, SegmentFault COO & partner Jiang Bo said, "The 2050 conference gave young people a reason to put down their work and reunite and reunite. I Here and SegmentFault CEO Gao Yang went from a netizen to a friend in reality, until he

2050@2018 SegmentFault CEO Gao Yang organized a reunion of

This year's 2050 will also be grandly opened on April 23 (Friday) two days later. The three-day and three-night carnival for will kick off Hangzhou Yunqi Town

And this time, as a beneficiary of the 2050 conference, SegmentFault COO Jiang Bo and Alibaba Cloud Developer Relations Team Leader Meng Jinyu jointly initiated a reunion for friends in the technical community .

Friends in the technical community, let's reunite in 2050

"Community" has always been a concept that sociologists are keen to study and explore. At first, it was a "social life community composed of people living in a certain geographical range", and it was a physical organization. With the development of the Internet, especially in the Web2.0 era, more and more virtual communities have been established, and communities have become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. It can be said that everyone is part of the physical community formed by his area. , Is also part of the virtual community brought about by his interest.

Community development so far, many of the problems can not help but be concerned about a growing number of community workers and discussion, including " value of community orientation ", " community trends:? Or vertical integration of ", " how to promote Community users are active? ", " community commercialization problem " and so on... This year "Yearing Community@2050" hopes to organize participants in various types of communities to discuss the topic of community.

In the event, you can be both a listener and a , you can delve into a specific topic, and eventually will become a community , and everyone becomes a limited community. A member of, everyone comes with opinions and leaves with gains.

Longing for the community@2050 How to play?

Starting at 14:00 on April 23, the convener will prepare several community-related topics in advance, and each topic will have a leader to make an argument. Participants can further expand on the leader’s views or explain different ideas . Discuss each topic for 30-40 minutes. After the discussion, the leader should output a summary point of view to put an end to the discussion.

Surprise stickers: Everyone will receive 5 surprise stickers when they enter the venue. You can give the surprise stickers to the participants who you think have output the surprise opinion. The leader has 5 extra surprise stickers, which can be assigned to the participants. Classmates discussing the topic. Participants can use surprise stickers to exchange for corresponding gifts when they leave.

King of Golden Sentences: After the event, the host of each topic can select a king of Golden Sentences of this topic. The "Golden Sentences" mentioned by the King of Golden Sentences will be made into souvenirs and presented to the winners.

Reunion time: 14-16 pm on April 23, 2021
Venue: Yunqi Town 2050 Creation Camp (Runfeng Building No. 4) 5th Floor Large Conference Room

Reunion convener:

  • Meng Jinyu, Head of Developer Relations, Alibaba Cloud
  • SegmentFault Think Whether COO Jiang Bo

Which friends can you reunite with here? (Participants in the reunion):

  • Chen Haoxiang, Soche Java Development & President of Alibaba Cloud ACE City Association
  • Du Yujie Secretary General of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation
  • Fan Jingjing, Founder of DataWhale Community & Head of Open Source Community Cooperation Group
  • Fan Kai Dingxiangyuan CTO & Alibaba Cloud MVP
  • Fu Yongheng ECUG Community & Head of Qiniu Cloud Developer Ecosystem
  • Goyang SegmentFault CEO
  • Guo Haoyun EthPlanetCoordinator
  • Guo Xudong Cloud Native Community & Shanghai Qinwen Information Technology Co., Ltd. Cloud Native Technical Expert & Alibaba Cloud MVP
  • Han Mingshui, Marketing Director of NetEase Yidun
  • Jiangbo SegmentFault COO
  • Li Feifei, Director of Operation Management Department of Shanghai Haitong Information Technology Co., Ltd. & Chairman of Alibaba Cloud ACE Association
  • Li Jiapeng, CEO of PerfMa, Hangzhou Benma Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Liang Gaoning Rust Chinese Community & Brand Director of Xita Technology
  • Lin Xiaocui, Head of Developer Ecosystem, OceanBase, Ant Group
  • Liu Hongmei Marketing Director of Harmony Cloud
  • Liu JieHuawei Open Source Strategy Expert
  • Liu Zhao, Head of NebulaGraph Operations
  • Longpeng Beijing Yousan Education Technology Co., Ltd. CEO & Alibaba Cloud MVP
  • Meng Jinyu Head of Alibaba Cloud Developer Relations Team
  • Morigen Alibaba Cloud Developer Community User Operation
  • Pan Wangqun, NetEase Cloud, NetEase Technology Brand
  • Song Chuanqi Open Source Social Media Group
  • Su Shuai Analysys partner expansion
  • Sun Qi Wanbo Zhiyun Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. CTO & Alibaba Cloud MVP
  • Tang Sujiao NetEase Easy Shield Content Operation
  • Tang Yunfeng, President of China-Korea Accelerator
  • Teng Zhaozhi, Deputy Director of the R&D Department of the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation
  • Director of Public Affairs Department of Wanhui Open Atom Open Source Foundation
  • Wang Fan Alibaba Cloud Developer Community Content Operation
  • Wang Fuzheng Open Source Social Media Group
  • Wang Xiaoke Digital Chief Operation
  • Xin Qing Kaiyuan/CEO of Microsoft Reactor/PM
  • Ying Jun Technical Director, Beijing Yunzujia Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Zhang Miao, CTO of Plaything Dezhi
  • Zhang Yu, Head of Community Ecology, Open Atomic Open Source Foundation
  • Shengyu Zhao, PhD, Tongji University
  • Zhao Weiliang, Head of Channel Promotion of NetEase Easy Shield
  • Zhu Zhimin Alibaba Cloud Developer Community MVP Operations
  • Zhuang Biaowei, Chairman of the Open Source Society

ranked in no particular order, sorted by the first letter of the phonetic alphabet of the surname

Reunion topic @向往的社区:

  • Session One: the Internet community in the territory of value proposition and future direction ?
  • Topic 2: Community Development Trend: Integration or Verticalization ?
  • Session III: How to return to the community's social increase user activity ? Or What is the key mechanism for the sustained growth of the community size
  • Session IV: How to community operators who handle commercial challenges brought about by the problems?
  • Topic 5: We open sourced community operations! 0xCommops ( leader: Open Atom Open Source Foundation )
  • Topic 6: Wanton imagination about the perfect community ( leader: Kaiyuan people reunion convener, Kaiyuan society chairman Zhuang )

Activity process:

  • 13:00-14:00 Sign in, participants will receive a "surprise sticker" and sit down after entering the venue
  • 14:00-14:10 The promoter of the event gave a speech, announcing the theme and gameplay of the event
  • 14:10-18:00 Topic discussion, in addition to the intense collision of views, we will also prepare exquisite refreshments for everyone

How to participate in 2050 and this community reunion?

Step 1: Get your 2050Pass
Step 2: Use this form sign up for the longing community @2050 event
Step 3: After filling out the form, a dedicated staff will get in touch with you
Step 4: Prepare your itinerary and get ready to go

The venue for this event is located in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It can be reached by car or public transportation
Tips: You can choose 2 days and 3 days pass according to your own situation, 3 days is cheaper~ In addition, you can also choose whether you want to participate in starry sky camping (that is, living in a tent in the 2050 camp) and daily morning run activities

What else can I do from April 24-25?

2050 is a three-day event that can be arrogantly HIGH. In addition to the youth reunion on April 23, you can participate in our topic discussion, and there are unexpected exciting activities waiting for you to participate. For specific details and more activities, please see 2050 Official website :

  • The whole day on April 24 and April 25: 50 freshmen forums, each of which is only 30 minutes, the essence of the content, together into a gluttonous feast of science and technology.
  • Exhibition from April 23 to April 25: Ocean Art Exhibition, turbojet engine ignition, 919 cabin, maglev train...
  • Outdoor activities from April 23 to April 25: 48-hour drone competition, open-air cinema, flying over the cloud habitat, seeing paper airplanes, starry sky camping, carp mountain brushing, morning jogs, football storm...

Other landmarks worth visiting: 2050 Creation Memorial, 2050 Countdown Tower, 2050 Time Tunnel, 2050 Bowu Pavilion, Yunqi Town Pavilion, Hangzhou City Brain Operation Command Center (reservation required one week in advance)

In short, coming to 2050, only you can't think that you can't do it without you. Learn more about the event schedule: How to be in Yunqi Town HIGH for three days and three nights

We are waiting for you in 2050!

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