Diversified understanding of CDN

This is one of the few entrepreneurial stories of Ergouzi.

At that time Ergouzi was still a high school student, and the school was under closed management. Since Ergouzi couldn't help eating snacks in class, he would carry a sack of snacks to school every Monday.

This behavior of eating snacks in class unknowingly tempted the surrounding students. Everyone bought snacks from Ergouzi. Er Gouzi couldn't stop the temptation of money. Secondly, he was greedy and had nothing to eat, so he made a plan: Then I will open a supermarket.

Ergouzi was young and very capable. He ran over the wall and slipped out of the school in the middle of the night. He ran for miles and talked about cooperation with the supermarket boss. Although there was a small problem when he got over the wall, he was brought to school the next day A briefing criticizes, but as long as the cooperation plan is set, it is successful.

Good fortune and misfortune depend on each other, and Ergouzi's ass damage has brought a lot of school fame and a lot of business. Just one or two weeks ago, the dog made money back for medical expenses, but problems followed one after another.

Why don't you sell popsicles here?

This problem makes Ergouzi more helpless. There is no refrigerator in the dormitory, and the popsicles have very high requirements for real-time performance. Once they are melted, they will not taste good.

I want to eat potato chips this week, can you order a week's goods here?

Compared with the previous problem, this problem can be solved easily. As long as the classmates say a reasonable date, Ergouzi will not hesitate to keep the corresponding amount of snacks.

The owner of the shop is a good friend of my father. If I buy it, he will give me special spicy noodles. Can you buy it for me?

Er Gouzi patted his chest and said, "No problem, as long as you sign your name for me, I will bring your signature when I buy the goods. The boss can trust me."

Where is the address of the store where you purchased the goods? I also want to discuss cooperation with the boss. No, buy things.

Er Gouzi didn't want to cut off his money. He thought about the special part of his injury, and didn't mention the location of the purchase supermarket.

In this way, Er Gouzi harvested the first pot of gold in his life, and happily shared this experience at the Fun Meeting inside the Cloud again. After listening to this story, everyone laughed and said, "It seems that this is fate." This makes Er Gouzi very confused. What fate, where does it come from, and whose fate?

Let's look back at a few problems that Ergouzi encountered on the road to entrepreneurship.

-The popsicle in question 1 can be compared to a dynamic resource. The dynamic resource of has high requirements for effectiveness and will not stay at the edge node for long, but Ergouzi wants to sell popsicles. The route to the supermarket is familiar. I am smart and capable myself, which is a bit more advantageous than my classmates buying directly. is true for 16081cec15aede in CDN. Dynamic resources are passed through edge nodes, and the acceleration effect is not as obvious as that of static resources directly returned from edge nodes.

-Question 2 can also be explained by the function of CDN, CDN allows customers to customize the expiration time of resources, customers can set the corresponding resource cache time to one week, just like this classmate told Ergouzi to eat for one week Like potato chips, potato chips are quick and convenient, and you don’t need to stock them in the dormitory. Students can also tell Ergouzi in advance that they will eat the original potato chips next week. After Ergouzi takes the notes, he buys the original potato chips from the supermarket and puts them in their own snack sack, just like another CDN resource preview. The thermal function is the same.

-Questions 3 and 4 can be understood together: equivalent to a capable CDN node in the CDN line, which solves the problem of the long journey for students in the school to buy snacks. Ergouzi conceals the location of the supermarket, equivalent to choosing to access the CDN, the source station address is hidden. is hidden, the client's IP is still transmitted to the source site normally after accessing the CDN. As in question 3, Ergouzi told the supermarket owner who exactly asked for the snack.

When Er Gouzi heard this, he realized that CDN had made a fate with him early. Thinking back to the rich life of making money back then, he can still experience fullness and happiness, except for a certain part of the injury that has been hurt.

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