Have you already used the 5G network?

As major mobile phone manufacturers have successively launched 5G mobile phones, smart phones have embraced the 5G wave in an all-round way. Some people may ask: So admiring 5G, what can 5G bring to us, and how much will our lives change?

What is 5G?

Simply put, 5G is the fifth generation of communication technology. The main feature is the wavelength of mm, high bandwidth, ultra-high speed, and ultra-low latency . Its peak theoretical transmission speed can reach 20 Gbps, which is 2.5 GB per second, which is more than 10 times faster than the transmission speed of 4G networks. In theory, a 1G movie can be downloaded within 4 seconds.

The 5G era is also known as the "Internet of Things Era" and the "Era of Internet of Everything". The so-called Internet of Things is to connect any object to the network to realize the exchange of information between objects.

For example, a mobile communication system is similar to a highway, while the media and objects in life are cars. Since the 2G era, this highway has continued to widen, with more and more media and objects that can be carried, and the speed of operation is getting faster and faster. With 5G, this highway can carry almost all media and objects and connect them, and most importantly, unobstructed, allowing humans to experience an unprecedented sense of "happiness"! This is the characteristic of 5G and the Internet of Things, and it is also the core of the Internet of Everything.

Speaking of 5G, its development is an inevitable topic. First of all, let's clarify the change from 1G to 5G.

  • 1G realizes analog voice communication, and the big brother can only make calls without a screen;
  • 2G realizes the digitization of voice communication, and the feature phone can send text messages with a small screen;
  • 3G realizes multimedia communication such as pictures other than voice, and the screen becomes larger to see pictures;
  • 4G enables local high-speed Internet access, and large-screen smart phones can watch short videos, but the signal in the city is good, but the signal in the hometown is poor. 1G ~ 4G all focus on more convenient and faster communication between people,
  • 5G will realize the interconnection of everything, anytime, anywhere, so that human beings dare to expect to participate in it simultaneously with all things on the earth through live broadcast without time difference.

What are the requirements for using 5G?

With the application of 5G technology, many opportunities have been created to seize the high point of the digital economy in my country. It is widely used in many fields, including cloud, artificial intelligence, big data, etc. In our lives, 5G has also brought about the following changes:

can achieve high-speed, low-latency streaming, running while downloading: watching videos and dragging the progress bar without buffering; downloading movies and games at a basic second speed; online games are not stuck, VR (virtual reality) games More popular; and you can also see almost all Live broadcasts, and you can even have the front row perspective through VR. If you have the Internet, you are the boss!

is also a stepping stone for many black technologies, such as holographic communication: As early as last September, the mobile communication network company "Vodafone" completed the UK's first 5G holographic video call. Steph Houghton, the captain of the English women's football team, successfully connected with the 11-year-old Newbury fan in Manchester City and guided the game "on the spot".

-unmanned driving: we put aside the ethics and laws and regulations, from a technical point of view, the most important factor restricting its development is the network, in addition to the system and chips. As the car needs to obtain and calculate a large amount of data every second while driving, and to make various actions, it needs high-speed network support. In the 4G era, unmanned driving tests will be carried out at a very slow speed in order to ensure safety. It is foreseeable that 5G, which is 100 times faster in theory than 4G, will greatly improve the computing efficiency of unmanned driving, and will greatly help unmanned driving from concept to large-scale commercial use. Now in Yizhuang, Beijing, several roads have been opened that allow unmanned vehicles to run on the road for testing, and they can simultaneously enjoy road resources with social vehicles. It is believed that unmanned driving will be the most eye-catching service in the 5G era.

-AR (virtual screen overlaid on real objects) technology can also embrace the thigh of 5G: AR will be more used in real life, such as education, medical industry, etc.

After seeing so many benefits, what are the requirements if we want to use 5G?

  • The communication equipment itself needs to support 5G.
  • The base station supports 5G reception and transmission.
  • The area where the mobile phone is located needs to have (the mobile phone card used) 5G signal coverage.

Tips: Check the 5G coverage in your area

When you see this, some friends may ask: So how do I check if there is a 5G base station in the area? Let's take China Unicom as an example to talk about how to check the 5G coverage in your area:

Due to the exclusive cooperation between China Unicom and Baidu Maps, we can open the Baidu Maps App, enter "Unicom 5G, 5G coverage, Unicom 5G coverage" and other keywords in the search box, and the 10 nearest 5G base station locations will be displayed.

百度搜索“联通 5G”显示画面

Excluding Baidu map, you can also query the location of nearby Unicom 5G base stations through the Unicom Business Hall App.

联通营业 App 查询画面

In the not-too-distant future, 5G will penetrate into all aspects of our lives and will bring us a new life experience and pleasure. At present, 5G has already begun the first experience. Have you already joined the experience army?

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