How to balance interest and income-I have thoughts after listening to You Yuxi interview


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The title of this issue of the interview with You Yuxi from an idea into the entire JS community ecology .

Mainly about especially the rain the river growth process, Vue the birth process and development.

What impressed me the most in this interview was how You Yuxi made choices at several key points in his life.

One sentence summary: Every key node, especially from study to work, is a of benefits after interests

If you are facing a choice or in confusion, this article may provide you with some interesting perspectives.

The boss was also "forced" by his dad

You went to the United States to study after graduating from high school. He studied undergraduate at Colgate University and obtained a art history degree when he graduated.

Once upon a time, he also wanted to take art as his career direction. But my father pointed out a very real problem:

As a foreigner, it is difficult for you to find a job offering a work visa in the field of art

He had a fierce quarrel with his father on this issue, but in the end he had to admit that his father was right.

So, postgraduate level, especially chosen Parsons of MFA (combination of design and professional software development), and taught himself while attending JS .

This is interest with income , completing the move from the unpopular art major to the software field.

Dislocation competition

As a bachelor and master, both are art related majors and can program students. When facing graduation, how can I find a good job?

What would you do instead? Think for ten seconds.

If you can think of it, just review the experience and submit your resume. Then the following content is worth your thoughts.

At that time the market is popular with a smooth interactive experience known TODO list APP - clear .

His silky interactive experience has allowed him to gain a lot of attention in a short period of time.

Especially when I saw this App , I first thought: Can I migrate this interactive experience to Web ?

After studying the touch event and CSS transform a few days, he succeeded.

Pay attention to what he did next:

I made a video and posted it on the Internet. Everyone is Web that 060d446ec207cb can also achieve such a smooth experience. In the end, my work hit the headlines Hacker News

Regardless of whether it is a fresh graduate or a job search, many low-educated or non-professional friends are complaining: discrimination in large companies’ academic qualifications and professionalism.

However, from the perspective of the company, with so many people submitting resumes every day, how to distinguish between strong and weak abilities?

Obviously education , professional , working years is the simplest and rude screening method.

But if you can in some way, and advertise , then you can jump out of simple and rude screening methods when applying for a job.

This is why many people write books before getting promoted, seeking a job, or starting a business.

Don’t you see, Jiuwu (Ali’s youngest front-end technical expert) only has a technical secondary school degree, but his other identity is the author of "Vue.js".

Explore an interest-oriented life

Speaking of the topic, with dislocation competition , especially successful to get the attention of big companies, and after graduation, I joined Google Creative Lab .

During this period, Yu's work was mainly to explore the prototype of web

As the freshness of working in a large company faded, You gradually discovered the limitations of this job: just making a project prototype, you can't participate in the production of the project.

Products that are not for end users are always castles in the sky.

Therefore, You decided to develop a project independently.

The opportunity of this project is: in order to develop prototypes quickly, framework tools that improve efficiency are needed.

At that time Angular1 Angular1 too heavy for developers with non-computer backgrounds like him.

Therefore, a view layer framework simple and easy to use Vue , it was finally named 060d446ec209b0.

From art to computer , and then to entry Google Creative Lab . interest-oriented plus dislocation competition brings positive feedback especially.

Naturally, Yu started to think: Can I work Vue the development of 060d446ec20a06 full-time?

Idealistic doer

Many people have the good wish of not to go to work and do what they are interested in full-time

Especially different from them is that after carefully assessing the feasibility, You have made practical efforts.

There are at least three difficulties before us:

  • Can you adapt to the pace of life of full-time open source
  • Can full-time open source support yourself?
  • Can you return to a big company if you fail?

Let us see how you plan step by step and finally solve these three problems.

Can you adapt to the pace of life of full-time open source

After leaving Google, he did not immediately develop Vue full-time, but joined a startup company Meteor full-time remote work.

Doing remote work can not only adapt to the full-time open source rhythm in advance (working from home), but also provide a buffer period for the fermentation Vue

It was during this period that Vue was known by Taylor Otwell ( Laravel ) and promoted to the Laravel community.

Taylor Otwell

Can full-time open source support yourself?

Income is the most realistic issue.

After accumulating fame and community ecology Vue , I especially try to raise funds for myself Patreon

Patreon is a company that raises funds for artists and creators. Its theoretical basis comes from Kevin Kelly 's 1000 fan theory :

People engaged in creative and artistic work, such as writers and photographers, can make ends meet as long as they can get 1,000 loyal fans. These 1,000 fans are those who recognize your values, are attracted by your content, and are willing to pay for your word-of-mouth communication and knowledge. All you have to do is to find and maintain them.

At the same time, You also received a donation from the open source foundation of a friend's company.

When he decided to develop Vue full-time, he could already earn Patreon from 060d446ec20dd0 and foundation donations every month.

Can you return to a big company if you fail?

When the above two problems are solved, the third problem is not self-defeating-if you can independently develop such a successful project ( Vue ), worry about not being able to find a job?


When I knew You Yuxi, he was already a great god.

This gives me an illusion: the great god has always been the great god. The reason why I can't do things I am interested in full-time is because I am not a great god.

However, analyzing his growth experience, what we see is an idealistic doer with adventurous spirit, an ordinary person with a clear mind and clear planning.

I always feel that the translation of "The Pursuit of Happyness" as "When happiness comes knocking on the door" is not appropriate.

Happiness does not knock on the door by itself. Happiness requires careful planning and bold verification.

In this process, it is necessary to balance interests and income , dislocation competition awareness, a little bit of unique courage, and Plan B after failure.

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