Five years in Sibu丨Sibu 9th Anniversary

Do you think you are 9 years old 🎂!

I registered Sibu in 16 years. I remembered that it was because of the good-looking interface of Sibu. Compared with some established technology communities, the design of Sibu is relatively refreshing and the interface is very comfortable.

So Huisi does not have a Chinese name, only a segmentfault name. At that time, I was thinking whether this is a benchmark stackoverflow, a segfault and a stack overflow, the name is a bit interesting. But what I’m curious about is, why the company’s name is " Hangzhou Stack Technology Co., Ltd. ", is it more appropriate to call Segmentation Fault Co., Ltd., hahaha

When I first joined Sifei, I was just a little transparent, not answering questions, nor writing articles, and occasionally asked two questions. The first question is a js question, which can be regarded as a "strange question".


This question was answered on the same day. At that time, I had a lot of good feelings about whether I thought or not. The question was actually answered, and I was happy all day.

Later, I started to try to write some articles in Siwhy. The first time I published an article in Sishou was in 18 years. At that time, I wrote with the mentality of recording knowledge, and didn't care if anyone read it.

Before that, the usual accumulation of knowledge was recorded with note-taking software. The first time I tried to write an article in the community, although the writing was not good, I still polished it for a long time, hoping to express the knowledge clearly in words as much as possible.

In this way, I have been writing intermittently for several years, and I have written a total of 75 articles. Although the number of likes/collections does not add up to a lot, after writing so many articles, my writing style has improved to a certain extent, and I gradually switched from note-type articles to output-type articles.

75 In this article, thumbs up is a " remember a spring-boot problem solving Bug embedded tomcat by Arthas positioning ." Although the writing of this article is mediocre, it was prepared with great care; for the content of the article, I re-simulated all the data at that time. Fortunately, the effect of this article is not bad, and it has been reprinted all over the Internet. In the end, I also submitted the article to "Alibaba Cloud Native", which is quite satisfactory.

In recent months, because some articles have been recommended by Sifu's homepage and forwarded on the official account, the article data is much better than before, and the number of fans has also increased a lot. This can be regarded as a recognition of the quality of my articles.

And I started answering questions recently to help community users answer some questions, and many answers have been adopted. Helping others will also bring me a lot of sense of accomplishment, and the reputation of the community also rises very quickly because of answering questions.

Maybe the positioning of Siwei is mainly question and answer, so the reputation of the question and answer area is much higher than the reputation of the article area. Soon, by answering questions, I increased 1,000 prestige, 5 years! It is not easy to accumulate 2000 prestige.

I have collected the data for 5 years. Although there are not many, I am still quite satisfied.


A while ago, I participated in the activity of the community function internal test, and also received a T-shirt given by Siwhy. The green and white color scheme is very refreshing! Thank you SiFu community


After five years, the individual is growing, and so is thinking. In the future, I will continue to output high-quality content steadily, and export it to the outside world while growing up.

Finally, I wish SiWu a happy 9th anniversary, and the community is getting better and better!

This article participated in the SegmentFault essay "9th Anniversary of Thinking", and you are welcome to join in.
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