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The beginning of the story

  • On March 18, 2019, an unremarkable day, I learned about segmentFault community through a friend, and the story began

First thought

  • At that time, the UI has not been revised yet. After UI style attracted me. I thought at the time: wow, I like this style, small fresh style, green and green, I will immediately To register + favorite website!
  • After reading some articles one after another, I thought, should I write a little? At that time, the technology was relatively poor, and I needed to write some of my own practices to record the pits I stepped on, so that I could use it to find a job, so I wrote some articles that seem to be relatively poor now, but fortunately, I wrote it. No one will touch me in the future. On the contrary, there will be some novices who are even more innocent than me, who will encourage me in the comments below. This also strengthened my confidence in continuing to write
  • The days of writing articles lasted for more than a month, and it was tepid, but for me, I think this time is a very important node in my life, because at this node I just joined a Shenzhen IM company, and the technical atmosphere is very good. Well, the CEO, COO, and CTO of that company are all very good. For me as a novice, being able to do such a complex project and having such a good environment has created my barbaric growth. During my time, I have been researching technology day and night, just to make the product better, and to understand the technical principles more deeply. After the precipitation of that period, I feel that I can write some articles combining application layer + principle appropriately.
  • For example, the following, single-page application principle, private protocol, handwritten react framework, etc., are closely related to my work, because my work requires too high performance:
  • Next, I encountered a bigger challenge. The difficulty of the project was far beyond my imagination. The boundary of some business was not clear enough, and the technical level of everyone was not uniform, which caused the project to be less than ideal. I think this time maybe I I need to understand some technologies more deeply. So, in the process of learning, I wrote the following articles. As you can see, I used to write React, communication protocol, single page principle analysis, etc. Now it is biased to the basics. The principle of webpack construction, keep-alive, etc., even involves some architectural aspects


During this period of time, I have developed a good habit. When I encounter something I don’t understand at work, I will definitely understand his principle, why this is so, so after so long of precipitation, I can say this, the current company's SAAS There is a problem with the platform, I just need to take a look at it. No matter what problem I encounter, as long as it is a front-end related problem, I will definitely have a reasonable solution and I am very confident in my own technology. (Of course, sometimes I have to ask for help and ask the boss to ask questions)
  • Here, I also encourage everyone to write summary articles, so that others can avoid this kind of problem, and also precipitate yourself. The key is to precipitate your own problem-solving ideas. Shuttle through some complex framework source codes, and you will find that most of them are almost the same. . Good people and things have something in common, but bad people and things are always strange.

First outbreak

  • The first outbreak should be the following article. I thought about submitting infoQ , but I didn’t expect it to succeed. I also received a lot of response in Siwh
  • I want to thank Siwhy. I really don’t stingy on the traffic. I don’t recommend it. As long as you write well, the official official account will forward the article together. ( This is also a point I like to think about. It is to treat creators with the idea of mutual achievement. Now that I have more fans, people who don’t know often ask me on WeChat, what should I do? If there is a result, I ran away without talking, and no result would delete me. My first reaction is that this person is selfish and wants to get something for nothing)

    This time, the submission of infoQ successful, and it was also liked by many people in SiWu, which greatly strengthened my confidence. I think at this time, I should start to make my own official account, so I imitated a certain large number. Called: front-end peak, opening my way to the media

Getting better

  • Next, I was crazy and original. I wrote nearly 100 articles in a year and published them on Siwhy and the official account. At the same time, I have gained a lot of fans. These are the motivations for me to stick to the original writing articles, and it has greatly improved myself. (So if you continue to do one thing, there will really be unexpected gains)
  • Next, I think no harvest of annual TOP Writer, will harvest those above-shirt, I personally like to wear, especially back home in Hunan, very warm, now I will let my wife wear, but because the current in Shenzhen only wears those short-sleeved t-shirts.
  • Last year, Sibu came to Shenzhen to hold a creators dinner. Sibu CEO Gao Yang and the head of operations Bobo were all present. This made me like Sibu’s extremely open ideological culture and benefit developers. Creators seek welfare. So far, I have practiced the meaning of these two words: think independently, dare to deny

    During this period, I have accumulated nearly 500,000 readings and close to 30,000 fans. By chance, I had the opportunity to cooperate with Huawei Cloud. As a representative of outstanding creators, I cooperated with Huawei Cloud and let I practiced a CI、CD


Go with you

  • Sibu recently launched the comment function again, and I have also become a product experience officer. As long as it is a small activity of Sibu, I will actively participate, because everyone can see that my growth cannot be separated from the Sibu community and cannot be separated. community, Gao Yang and Bobo, as well as you co-builders in the community.
  • I thought about writing something casually, and suddenly I wrote a lot. It may be that the community has really grown a lot in the past two years. Thanks to the Sifu community, I will follow you in the days to come and grow together.
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