I Encountered with Sibu's Writing | Sibu 9th Anniversary


How did I start writing and how did I choose a writing platform? With such questions, I will lead you to read this article.

When I was in college, I started to participate in the project team and did some simple government project development work. At that time, I taught myself programming and the learning materials were not very rich, unlike the current B station learning materials. The content of self-study mainly includes database, front-end, C#, operation and maintenance, etc. Just as some people do everything in a small company, I also need to know a little about everything, so I have to learn a little. But in fact, looking back, there are not many things that can be really remembered now. This is because people have a forgetting curve. With the passage of time, some less commonly used memories will be slowly forgotten. Of course this is a digression.

When did I start to discover that writing is important? The company needs to install the Redis environment, the installation is done by me, Baidu, Google various search engines pieced together articles after reading, after a meal operation, successfully installed Redis successfully. Suddenly one day, there was a problem with the redis environment. The project team could not accurately locate the problem, so it decided to reinstall. Then this task was naturally handed over to me. The leader passed a few after the meeting in the morning. Come over when I am young and ask me if I have installed it. I was still looking for the installation documents retrieved by Baidu with a dazed expression. At this time, the leader said to me: "Some basic installations and general development documents need to be accumulated in normal work, which can be very big. Increase work efficiency. This is a bit like reuse in the software development process." I was very embarrassed by the leader, so in the future work, I will try my best to sort out some documents that may be reused-this is the original intention of writing the article.

When I decided to start writing articles for daily records, I ran into another problem. Where should I record the content of my articles? There are so many writing platforms, including CSDN, 51CTO, Nuggets, etc. What should I choose? It happened that I saw an article from "Little Fu" on Segmentfault [This year, it's like a purchase! ], When I read this article, I decided to lay out my own writing plan on Segmentfault, because following the predecessors walked by the predecessors, it is possible to avoid the pits, the big guys choose to publish instructions on such a platform Such a platform can be trusted. With this mindset, I started my first article go get download package failure problem .

The article was not liked or commented. But I think it’s nothing. After all, I’m my own work record. I hope that my articles can help everyone, but if I can’t let others see my articles because of writing problems or small platform foundation issues, I also think it’s okay. The original idea is mainly to record step by step, so that you can develop a good habit of writing.

It just so happened that the company was not busy at the beginning, and I had time to write every day. Just record little by little. In 2 months, I have written 48 original articles, almost 80,000 words.

I am happy for my persistence and I am also grateful to Segmentfault for providing such a writing platform. In the middle of writing, I actually thought about giving up. Whenever I have this idea, I will let myself recall my college entrance examination. The reason for failure is unconsciousness and poor self-control. People cannot fall in a pit. Secondly, with this belief, I have persisted. Through these two months of writing, I have developed the habit of writing. I will use some common tools, third-party packages, development documentation and other content to organize and publish them on multiple platforms. It will help more. People who have the same problem.

Segmentfault is a pure technology sharing platform. Although the user base is not very large now, I believe that more and more developers will discover this platform in the future. And like me, I will publish my thoughts on the platform to influence more people.

This is my third month in Segmentfault. I hope to grow and improve with Segmentfault. In the next third month, third quarter, and third year, I will be there, allowing more people to understand me. Progress together and learn together.

This article has participated in the SegmentFault essay "9th Anniversary of Thinking", and you are welcome to join .

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