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Introduction to Java virtual machine is not only a cross-platform software, but also a new network computing platform. The platform includes many related technologies, such as various APIs and optimization technologies that comply with open interface standards.

When learning the Java Virtual Machine, you may have the following questions:

is the principle of 160e51fbfa9db5 Java Virtual Machine?

is the principle of 160e51fbfa9dd4 JNI and class loader?

Safepoint mechanism?

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JNI in Java

Master the mutual call between Java and Native, greatly enriching the usage scenarios of Java. Understanding the principle is more handy for learning JVM/fault location. view more>>

Safepoint mechanism

Safepoint will suspend the application threads of the entire jvm. The main concern here is that when the vm thread makes a request, the Java experimenter can respond to the request of safepoint in a timely manner, and can immediately stop it by itself. If there are some threads, it Stopped, and some other threads are still running. In this case, other threads will be a waste of time waiting, so timely response is a very important indicator of it. click to view more>>

Class Loader Principle

Regarding the class loading part, first the user has a Java file, and then the Java file is compiled with Java c to get the .class file, and then the virtual machine loads the .class file to become the metadata of the virtual machine. For example, in C++, it will become Klass *, Method *, ConstantPool *, etc. These are the descriptions of metadata in the Java virtual machine. view more>>

Dragonwell Features: Multi-tenant

The previously blocked API is supported and there is no need to change the code at all. You can directly switch the code written in the coroutine to the coroutine model, and perform a model conversion, so that the 1:1 model of the operating system is changed from java thread and Pthread to Calling a large number of wisp becomes a small number of operating system threads, and the performance is greatly improved. view more>>

Dragonwell Features: JWarmup

When a Java method is to be executed, the class in which the method is located first needs to be loaded by the JVM. This process includes verification, parsing, linking, and class initialization of various files. When this class is loaded, the JVM can execute this method. view more>>

Dragonwell Features: Wisp

Context switching will eat up valuable CPU resources. In many cases, people have misunderstandings about the context. In fact, there is a big difference between entering and leaving the kernel and scheduling. If we see multiple threads calling back and forth in a scenario like the one just now, when that thread runs out of resources or is relatively blocked, who is the next thread to choose? In fact, the operating system needs to be scheduled, and the real loss is far greater than imagined. view more>>

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