Feel the growth, never forget the original intention | Happy 9th Anniversary

wish Siwhy and myself a happy birthday (my birthday in June too)

Days of meeting with thinking or not

According to me, 782 days have passed since I joined on May 10, 2019. I still remember that it was a leisurely afternoon at work. I hadn’t graduated yet but had been working for a period of time. I suddenly got an idea: I’m already a technical developer and I’m watching other people’s sharing every day. I also want to join a forum and write My article!
At the domestic technology forum, I locked the two, csdn and si-no. Compared with each other, after hesitating for 10 minutes, I firmly chose si-no. That's right! Because think better!

In the days when thinking about wandering

When I’m not busy at work, I always take the time to wander around, thinking about "writing a sharing article", "writing a technical article", "you write it", "you write it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhqh "...I struggled in my heart, but my writing skills were too bad, I couldn't understand words, and my skill level was not high. Everyone who learned it had written it before, and didn't know what to write and how to write.
In order not to register in vain, since the article can't come, I will go to the Q&A area more. Seeing the problems I have encountered, I think I can solve the problems, and I hope to write a complete answer that people can understand. At the beginning, I was always worried about misleading others, and there were things I didn’t understand thoroughly, so I would practice it every time before answering to ensure accuracy. The hard work paid off. Someone slowly praised me and some accepted my answer. The sense of accomplishment is like receiving a certificate from a class teacher in elementary school, which is enough for memorizing.

Days of interacting with thinking or not

At the end of 19, I participated in the activity of thinking for the first time, 2019 summary . At that time, I was very stressful at work, but I somehow wanted to participate. After a lot of effort and holding back for several days, I finally finished writing my first article " to myself a summary of 2019 ". At that time, I looked at the summary written by other bigwigs, some wrote very powerful technology sharing, some wrote very rich personal experience, and there are many very awesome authors and self-media big guys who have written literary talents. Then take a look. Written by myself. . . In the end, the title only dared to write a summary for myself. The event gave me a book in Go language, and I contributed it to the company.
A few days ago, I saw the message sent by Miss Sifu in my circle of friends on my way off work. The developer commented on the closed beta to find a tester, like it! participate!

what is this! This is a t-shirt! Wanted for a long time! Thank you @空无[kongwu] classmates who changed clothes with me in the group!

Tomorrow will be better!

Sifu is 9 years old this year, I am 24 years old this year, the road ahead is still long, I am growing up, thank Sifu for accompanying me in my growth. Having met for more than two years, I have grown from a front-end internship to a front-end with 2 years of work experience, and Sibu's homepage has become even better! May the future development be better.

This article has participated in the SegmentFault essay "9th Anniversary of Thinking", and you are welcome to join us if you are reading it.


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