OpenInfra Days China 2021 is about to open! These secrets you need to know


OpenInfra Days China, an open source event, has started a new year journey.

From "OpenStack Foundation" to "OpenInfra Foundation", the OpenInfra Foundation (Open Source Infrastructure Foundation) has always upheld the mission of "Reshaping Open Source Infrastructure Technology for Global Cloud Computing". This year, the OpenInfra Foundation's leading technology suppliers in the United Nations and the open source infrastructure technology community volunteer team will jointly bring a broader vision and launch OpenInfra Days China 2021.

The theme of OpenInfra Days China 2021 is " the next decade of open source infrastructure ", which will focus on the open source infrastructure technology scenarios required by human society in the next decade. The conference invited technical experts and senior industry leaders from the global community, as well as active domestic open source infrastructure technology companies, to share the outlook and exploration paths of global frontier infrastructure technologies.

At that time, He Baohong, Director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of OpenInfra Foundation, Li Haoyang, China Community Manager of OpenInfra Foundation, Liu Guohui, Co-founder and CTO of EasyStack, Intel Cloud Infrastructure Software R&D Director Wang Qing, Ant Group senior technical expert, Kata Architecture Committee member Peng Tao, Lenovo Group IT Department Cloud Platform Architect Guo Tuo will give a series of wonderful speeches.


In addition, the conference also has five sub-forums to discuss 5G new infrastructure, cloud native infrastructure, open source governance, computing and network integration, and cloud infrastructure.

  • 5G new infrastructure : 5G is currently the largest new infrastructure for infrastructure. How to connect with the digital infrastructure of industries and enterprises to solve more practical problems will be the focus of technology sharing in this sub-forum.
  • Cloud native infrastructure : In the cloud era, along with the trend of infrastructure coding and service function infrastructure, the concept of cloud native has gradually gained popularity. And containers, as the atomic carrier of immutable infrastructure, have also become the cornerstone of cloud-native infrastructure. The cloud native infrastructure sub-forum will discuss the latest developments and best practices of related technologies.
  • Open Source Governance : In recent years, the development of open source in China is in full swing, and it is becoming the driving force of enterprise innovation and development, but it also faces issues such as open source governance, open source operations, and open source security compliance. The Open Source Governance Forum will discuss open source governance practices of enterprises and projects around open source governance standards, open source community operations, and open source intellectual property rights.
  • Computing and Network Convergence : According to the guidance on the construction of integrated data centers issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the four ministries and commissions last year, computing power management, scheduling and computing network coordination are currently the significance of national strategic development. The Computing Network Convergence Sub-forum will discuss and share technologies around heterogeneous computing power, unified management of cloud side ends, computing power transactions, and IT transformation of the network.
  • Cloud Infrastructure : This sub-forum focuses on cloud computing infrastructure technologies including OpenStack, covering technical discussions and sharing on intelligent operation and maintenance, network and storage, accelerated hardware, and hardware automation.

Currently, the solicitation of topics has been opened, welcome to apply!


The power behind OpenInfra Days China 2021

OpenInfra Days China 2021 is jointly organized by a volunteer team composed of Li Haoyang, the Chinese community manager of the OpenInfra Foundation and community members, and is hosted by SegmentFault, a leading new generation developer community in China. Today we have a glimpse of the power behind OpenInfra Days China 2021.

Integrating the global open source infrastructure team, 18 volunteers helped the conference to be held smoothly

There are 18 volunteers in this conference, all of whom are members of the OpenInfra community, from chip manufacturers, open source software providers, open source cloud computing service providers, Internet companies and other institutions. They are:

Daoqing Huawei Senior Engineer, EdgeGallery Community Operations Manager
Jianfeng Intel R&D Manager
Geng Hang China Electronics Standardization Research Institute, Head of Mulan Open Source Community Operations
Shuquan Kyushu Cloud Technical Director
Golden Express Cloud Senior Technical Operation Expert
Li Mingxuan Senior Engineer, China Unicom Research Institute
Li Wenhai Huawei Senior Engineer
Guanyu Cloud Senior Engineer
Liu Bin Ant Financial R&D Engineer
Qi Kaiyuan General Manager of Inspur Data Cloud Computing R&D Department
Shi Haotian Edge Computing Community
Wang Hao Director of System Department of FiberHome Cloud Computing R&D Center
Wang Xu Ant Group Senior Technical Expert
Xinghua Red Hat (China) Software Senior Architect
Yu Fiberhome Integration Marketing Manager
Zhiheng Media Plus General Manager
Bailin Jinan Inspur Data Cloud Computing Architect
Zhang Jie Media Plus Project Manager
(Sorted by first letter of name)

In addition, in order to attract more users' attention and join open source, this year's OpenInfra Days China 2021 conference was hosted by SegmentFault, a leading new generation developer community in China.

Connecting the world and building an international communication platform cannot do without the support of sponsors

In addition to the volunteer team and the conference organizer, the smooth preparation of the conference is also inseparable from the support of sponsoring partners. Currently, Intel, Easy Cloud and Kyushu Cloud have been confirmed as diamond sponsors of the OpenInfra Days China 2021 conference.


Intel is a global leader in the semiconductor industry and computing innovation. At present, Intel is transforming into a data-centric company, working with partners to promote innovation and application breakthroughs in turning technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and intelligent edge. Smart connected world. Its mission is to "create technologies that change the world and enrich the lives of everyone on the planet." Since its establishment more than half a century ago, Intel has continued to provide important assistance to IT infrastructure.


Easy Cloud is a leading provider of enterprise-level cloud products and services, based on a series of open source technologies such as Linux, OpenStack, Ceph, Kubernetes, Docker, etc., to provide enterprise users with open, secure and high-performance cloud computing products and services. It has product solutions such as ECS Easy Cloud Enterprise Cloud, ECS Stack Easy Cloud Super Convergence, and EKS Easy Cloud Container Cloud. In 2020, Easy Cloud will become the first cloud platform vendor to participate in the "Cloud Infrastructure Performance Benchmark Test".


Since its establishment in 2012, Kyushu Cloud has always focused on "open source and empowering cloud-side transformation", completed the expansion and accumulation of solutions from central cloud to edge cloud, and established a complete "cloud + edge" ecosystem and solutions Program. Relying on an open technical system, deep technical strength and mature solutions, Kyushu Cloud has been recognized and favored by many users. Kyushu Cloud has successively provided high-quality open cloud-side infrastructure services to enterprise customers in major industries such as operators, government, finance, energy, manufacturing, commerce, transportation, logistics, education, and healthcare.

Apply for topics and learn about sponsorship rights. For more details, please refer to official website of !

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