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With the continuous growth of the cloud communications industry, the gradual advancement of 5G construction and the rapid iteration of audio and video technologies are all aimed at satisfying the message transmission between people, devices, and devices. This is undoubtedly an era of message transmission. In this era, all protocols and configurations are just right. Just as the MQTT message transmission protocol is based on the Internet of Things, but not limited to the Internet of Things, it can also take on multiple functions in the mobile Internet.

MQTT is an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe message transmission protocol. It releases the coupling of time and space, and can implement push, notification and other functions in the application; it is simple, lightweight, and has a very small SDK space footprint, suitable for embedding in Android , IOS, RTOS and other multi-terminal platforms; it has small data packets and low power consumption, suitable for low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable network environments.

The product positioning of Huanxin MQTT Message Cloud is to give full play to the advantages of the MQTT protocol and provide developers with message transmission services between applications and applications, between devices and applications, and between applications and platforms. In order to give everyone a deeper understanding of the advantages of the MQTT protocol, Huanxin held this MQTT Creative Challenge, and sincerely invites developers to experience the advantages of the MQTT protocol in message transmission between applications through actual programming. In order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of the advantages of the MQTT protocol, Huanxin held this open class. At that time, we will listen online:

  • What are the core functions of Huanxin MQTT Message Cloud? What is the difference from IM?
  • What are the key technical advantages behind Huanxin’s MQTT messaging cloud real-time interactive service?
  • What are the typical scenario solutions of Huanxin MQTT Message Cloud in different industries?
  • What are the technological development trends that Huanxin MQTT Message Cloud will pay attention to in the future?
  • How does Huanxin MQTT make it easier for developers to use?
  • Introduction to the competition system of the Huanxin MQTT Challenge
  • 200,000 total prize pool analysis

new product was released in the live broadcast room. The first sister of Huanxin developer operator, Huanxin MQTT product manager, and the head of Android of Zhongke Hongyi Education Group will be invited to share the above topics online. We will not see in the live broadcast room. Do not leave!

From the sharing of MQTT technology dry goods, to application practice, to the latest case practice in the industry...More exciting things are worth looking forward to!

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