Java officially announced the dissolution of AWT, 2D, Swing and other projects


On July 15th, the OpenJDK management committee unanimously approved the establishment Client Libraries Group Phil Race as the initial person in .

The new working group will continue to sponsor the OpenJFX and Lanai projects. At the same time, it approved the AWT, 2D, Swing, and Sound . In addition, the Harfbuzz , Framebuffer Toolkit and XRender Pipeline were disbanded due to the loss of sponsorship.


OpenJDK official mail

The shrinking of the Java desktop

AWT, 2D, Swing These are the well-known Java desktop solutions. This time the Java community officially announced the dissolution of the project, marking that Java officially no longer provides technical iteration support for these projects. Java desktop side only has OpenJFX one project, and this project has been tepid. It can be said that the current Java on the desktop has been almost lost.

Extended reading

OpenJFX project

OpenJFX is an open source next-generation client application platform, which is an open source project JavaFX Led by the OpenJDK open source community. Suitable for desktop and embedded systems used with JDK. The goal is to develop a modern, efficient and fully functional toolkit for developing rich client applications.

OpenJDK Management Committee

The management committee is responsible for the structure and operation of the OpenJDK It is responsible for revising the OpenJDK community charter to improve existing processes, define new processes, and deal with processes that are no longer needed, similar to a legislative body.

Composed of 5 contributors:

  • Chairman , appointed by Oracle.
  • Vice Chairman , appointed by IBM,
  • OpenJDK Lead , appointed by Oracle.
  • Two ordinary members, elected by nomination.

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