The only one in China, Alibaba Cloud enters the "strong performer" quadrant of the Forrester data stream analysis report

Introduction to Forrester's latest data stream analysis report: Alibaba Cloud is selected as a strong performer quadrant

A few days ago, the authoritative consulting agency Forrester released the 2021 Q2 global data stream analysis report. With its leading real-time computing products, developer friendliness and large-scale practice, Alibaba Cloud entered the “strong performer” quadrant of the report, refreshing the domestic companies’ The best results in the field of data flow computing.

Forrester is one of the most authoritative IT consulting and evaluation institutions in the world. This time, the 14 most important international data stream analysis service providers selected for this time, from the three dimensions of product, strategy, and market performance, 12 standards and more than 20 evaluation rules were carried out. In-depth research analysis and scoring. Compared with before, the evaluation standards of this report are more stringent. Forrester analysts believe that Alibaba Cloud's Ververica has a leading edge in performance, analysis, and deployment options, and meets the evaluation criteria of the Strong Performers quadrant.

Data stream analysis is also called "dancing big data". Real-time computing derived from data stream analysis has become one of the most popular technologies in the world. Through real-time calculations, companies can grasp what is happening in real time. For example, the Internet of Things equipment in factory equipment can analyze data in real time and improve the yield of production; the logistics delivery platform can place orders in the first time and deliver goods to consumers in time; The navigation software always follows the travel trajectory, no longer miss the turn...

As one of the earliest companies in China to deploy real-time computing technology, Alibaba has already launched large-scale online use of real-time computing products as early as 2016. Ververica, which was selected as the strong performer quadrant this time, is a data intelligence business company under Alibaba. The Flink platform developed by it is one of the most popular real-time computing platforms in the world.

The Flink-based open source community Apache Flink is also one of the most active communities in the global big data field. It has more than 20W developer attention. The number of stars on Github and the number of Flink contributors are growing at a rate of more than 30% every year.

At present, Alibaba Cloud real-time computing has been widely used in the financial industry, online education, Internet trading and other industries, including the real-time large screen of Tmall’s “Double 11” every year, which can display data in various dimensions in real time and guide the operation of e-commerce platforms in time.

An Internet insurance company built a real-time data warehouse based on Alibaba Cloud's real-time computing Flink, and divided its application scenarios into three categories: marketing activities, real-time large screens, and anti-fraud. The low latency, low resource consumption, high efficiency, high accuracy and other capabilities provided by the platform meet the needs of high real-time business. And the company also makes full use of the features of the Flink platform to enrich input and output interfaces to ensure data quality.

Wang Feng, head of real-time computing at Alibaba Cloud, said, "Flink will continue to increase investment in core technology research and development, productization, and ecological construction, so as to benefit more cloud users, and help customers further accelerate the real-time process, and in the enterprise digital transformation Building core competitiveness in the wave of development."

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