2021 Xinchuang "Grand Tournament" is officially launched! Kingsoft Office helps Xinchuang talent cultivation and ecological maturity


On July 14, at the "2021 Information Technology Application Innovation Forum", under the guidance of the Shenyang Municipal People’s Government, Changsha Municipal People’s Government, and Chongqing Yuzhong District People’s Government, the Information Technology Application Innovation Working Committee of China Electronics Industry Standardization Technology Association (referred to as the letter) The 2021 Xinchuang "Grand Tournament" hosted by the Innovation Committee) was grandly opened.


The 2021 Xinchuang "Grand Competition" basic office application development track is hosted by Beijing Jinshan Office Software Co., Ltd. This competition aims to further promote the transformation and upgrading of the information technology application innovation (referred to as Xinchuang) industry, and guide Xinchuang enterprises to achieve technological breakthroughs And product innovation to enhance the competitiveness of the industrial chain and supply chain.

In the past few decades, China's scientific and technological strength has experienced rapid development. However, most of the core information technology products and key services used by important domestic information systems and key infrastructure rely on foreign countries, which creates many potential risks. In this context, achieving independent development in the field of information technology and ensuring national information security has become a top priority, and this is the mission of the development of the information technology application innovation industry.

Office software and operating systems, as highly used applications and systems by the people, play an important role in our daily work and life. They are also a key link in the field of credit creation. The independent research and development technology controlled by domestic manufacturers needs to be further improved. Promote. In addition, it is necessary to use industry applications to promote the construction of the software and hardware underlying architecture system and the full life cycle ecosystem of Xinchuang technology to solve the problem of "stuck necks" in key links of core technologies.

Office software technology innovation blessing, helping Xinchuang industry to develop healthily

office software is one of the core areas of the Xinchuang industry, and helping to upgrade domestic office software is a top priority. 160f66d7aadca3 As a leading office software company, Kingsoft Office has more than 30 years of R&D experience and technology accumulation in the field of office software. It is considered to have irreplaceable core technical advantages in the field of basic office application software from Independent and open industrial supply chain.

In recent years, Kingsoft Office has actively responded to the call of the country, upholding the original intention of technology, and committed to promote the development of the . As early as March 2019, Kingsoft Office launched WPS Office 2019 for Linux Professional Edition, bringing a more convenient and intelligent office experience for government and enterprise users, and also pushing independently innovative domestic software to the forefront of global technology.

At present, Kingsoft Office has brought together 260 ecological partners in the domestic office ecology field. The adapted products cover collaborative office, input methods, mailboxes, voice recognition, OA manufacturers, digital signatures, etc. A series of Xinchuang products and solutions represented by "Preview" and "Official Document Writing" have achieved more than 150 innovations in the construction of the domestic office ecosystem. Kingsoft Office has further consolidated its "leader" role in China's credit creation field, and developed into one of the leading companies with the most technological strength and brand effect in China's "credit creation" field, and has been successfully selected as one of the "2020 China Credit Creation TOP500" ”List, “2021 Xinchuang Office Software Enterprise TOP15” list, won the No. 1 Xinchuang application provider worthy of attention in 2020.

Kingsoft Office is committed to improving the modernization level of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and the supply chain, accelerating the construction of core technology system and independent innovation of key products, and becoming the key to promoting the rapid development of China's future new generation of information technology and driving the safe development of the national economy with technology. This is also The important mission of "national brand" represented by Jinshan Office.

Host the basic office application development track to help the industry talent training


development of the credit and innovation industry requires not only technological breakthroughs, but also the training of talents with high information literacy. In the context of the current era, governments at all levels attach great importance to the development of the credit and innovation industry. The scale of the entire industry is rapidly expanding. The cultivation of credit and innovation talents has become the key to the development of the credit and innovation industry.

Survey data shows that industry has a big gap in the supply of talents, especially technical talents. At present, the training of delivery-oriented skilled talents is imminent, and there is an urgent need for a group of responsible and capable organizations to promote. As a leading enterprise in the basic office application software field of Xinchuang, Kingsoft Office meets this requirement.

upholds the belief in cultivating industry talents and promoting the development of the Xinchuang industry. Kingsoft Office will host the 2021 Xinchuang "Big Competition" basic office application development track. this competition is "Youth, Self-reliance, Wisdom, Enlightenment of the Future". According to the "Technical Specification Documents", the contestants realize technical innovation entries based on the requirements of document office applications in the letter creation environment. Kingsoft Office will provide contestants with a more concise and easy-to-use light application development platform. Entries can also use WPS's massive user base for product verification, iteration, and promotion.

Introduction to the basic office application development track

The competition is open to the whole society, and individuals in related fields, universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises, start-up teams and other personnel can register for the competition. Participants can log on to the official website of the 2021 " Grand Tournament" basic office application competition (160f66d7aade38 https://linux.wps.cn/xcdbw) to register and form their own teams (cross-unit team formation), each team will be 1 person Or enter in the form of a team.

The entire schedule consists of three stages: preliminary, semi-finals and finals. The final result is composed of two parts: semi-final results and final results. The semi-final results account for 40% of the total results and the final results account for 60% of the total results. The preliminary contest is titled "Document structured content data management plug-in based on WPS add-in mechanism". This track will be officially launched at the Jinshan Office Developer Conference on July 16.

To protect the national information security and promote the development of talents in the letter and innovation industry, Kingsoft Office invites you to face the basic office application development competition!

Official website address: https://linux.wps.cn/xcdbw

Scan the QR code to learn more about the event

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