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About Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar is the top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation. It is the next-generation cloud-native distributed message flow platform. It integrates messaging, storage, and lightweight functional computing. It uses a separate architecture design for computing and storage to support multi-tenancy, persistent storage, Multi-computer room and cross-regional data replication, with strong consistency, high throughput, low latency and high scalability and other streaming data storage characteristics.

GitHub address: http://github.com/apache/pulsar/

At present, the Pulsar community hopes that more friends who are interested in changing the future of technology will join us, work hard and grow together! Give full play to your talents, support the community infrastructure, and let more people see the charm of Pulsar.

Here, you can have the opportunity to:

  • Meet a group of optimistic and positive friends;
  • Receive irregular small benefits (T-shirts around Pulsar, water glasses, customized small gifts, etc...)
  • After the translation is completed: The translator and his profile will be signed when the article is published
  • Obtain a special certificate issued by the Pulsar community

The development of the Pulsar community is inseparable from the long-term hard work and dedication of all the friends. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the friends who support Pulsar!

We are currently recruiting the following volunteers:

1. Translation contributors

Translated content

It mainly translates foreign Pulsar related news information, technical trends, technical papers, application skills, mechanism principles and other articles into Chinese. (This time is mainly the translation of Pulsar technical articles)

basic requirements

  1. Have good English reading ability, have certain translation skills and qualities, and strong logical thinking ability.
  2. The translation must ensure the quality, strive for accuracy and completeness, grammatically fluent, and reach the level of publication in the Pulsar community.

2. Contributors related to the event

In addition, we are also recruiting some volunteers to be responsible for maintaining the daily management of the community.

Specific classification

If you have the following skills or experience:

  • Operation: Responsible for the planning and smooth development of the Pulsar community community activity plan, and the management of the WeChat group, with rich experience in the operation of official accounts and event hosting, and good at writing copywriting is preferred;
  • Video: responsible for the video production and editing of Pulsar community activities;

If you do not have the relevant experience above, but love Pulsar and want to contribute your own strength to the Pulsar community, you can refer to the following:

Non-professional skills required area

  1. Assist us in landing various types of activities (such as: Pulsar Tea Party, Contributor Club, Meetup, etc...)
  2. Daily management of Pulsar technical exchange group
  3. Maintain the local Pulsar regional exchange group and plan and organize some daily activities (regional & event administrator)


  • Direct communication with technical experts in the community;
  • Learn and grow together with other outstanding friends in the community;
  • Other irregular community benefits;

No matter what, you are welcome to join us who love Pulsar!

contact us

, please scan the QR code to join us (you can also add WeChat: StreamNative_BJ to reply to "volunteers" to join the WeChat group), and take action! Everyone is also welcome to help forward and recommend!


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Apache Pulsar 是 Apache 软件基金会顶级项目,是下一代云原生分布式消息流平台,集消息、存储、轻量化...


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