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This Saturday Alibaba Cloud Serverless Developer Meetup

Coming soon in Hangzhou


  • time: 7.24 this Saturday 13:30-17:30
  • Location: , Lejia International 1-3-7 Troy Star, 999 Liangmu Road, Hangzhou City

This time we invited Cloud, start-up Internet companies, open source Chinese Gitee technical experts and independent developers to bring you:

  • Serverless Devs new features released, enjoy Serverless like Taobao
  • Full record of the start-up Internet company Serverless landing and stepping on the pit
  • Architect's Perspective: Analysis of Typical Scenarios and Cases of Serverless Applications
  • solve the problem of Serverless elastic scaling and cross-cloud deployment?
  • Serverless Workshop opens for the first time

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Sharing guests & topic introduction

13:30-14:00 | Serverless Devs: Those new features you have to know


Jiang Yu

Alibaba Cloud Serverless Product Manager

Topic Introduction : The industry’s first cloud-native full lifecycle management platform Serverless Devs that supports mainstream serverless services/frameworks will bring a new release of Serverless Desktop. This release will allow developers to quickly deploy, operate and maintain Serverless applications. Visual editing has brought qualitative improvements, in addition to the release of surprise functions, which expand the imagination of serverless application development.

14:05-14:35 | Serverless Typical Application Scenarios & User and Case Analysis


Luo Hao

Senior Architect of Alibaba Cloud Serverless

Topic Introduction : This topic mainly introduces how to develop landing applications based on Serverless, and what are the current common scenarios and solutions; and select typical landing scenarios (such as audio and video processing, ETL data processing, etc.) to share landing practical cases.

14:40-15:10 | Stepping on the pit and looking into the distance, the serverless landing record of the start-up Internet company


Chu Jinghui

Alibaba Cloud MVP Serverless Evangelist & Entrepreneur

Topic Introduction : This sharing comes from the CTO of an Internet start-up, telling the actual serverless cases from the selection of technical solutions, and sharing the experience and surprises of "stepping on the pit". After cultivating serverless technology for many years, the lecturer will put forward the future development trend and thinking expectation of serverless to bring reference to the latecomers.

15:30-16:00 | Exploration and Practice of Serverless Elasticity under Cloud Native System


Xu Chengming (Jing Xiao)

Alibaba Cloud Serverless Engineer

Introduction to the topic : As one of the core capabilities of the cloud, resilience capabilities are concerned with the contradiction between capacity planning and actual application load. The value benefit lies in reducing costs while improving application availability. Today, Serveless is in full swing. What is the evolution direction of elastic scaling? What new difficulties will it face? What value breakthroughs will it bring to development and operation personnel? This time, I will share the flexible construction of the Serverless application engine under the cloud native system.

16:05-16:35 | Submit and publish? I solve the serverless cross-cloud deployment problem like this


Zhang Shengxiang

Open Source China GiteeGo Product Manager

Topic Introduction : DevOps reduces the gap between development and operation and maintenance personnel through a series of technologies and tools, and realizes the automation of the whole process from development to final deployment, thereby achieving the integration of development, operation and maintenance. The emergence of Serverless makes Devops more efficient. This sharing will be based on Gitee Go to share the actual serverless continuous integration.

16:40-17:30 | Serverless Workshop

This time Hangzhou Station has more

The first opening of Serverless Workshop is limited to 30 people

In addition to there is also a chance to get mysterious gifts

Participation method: fill out the questionnaire in the event registration link and bring your computer. The quota is limited, so come quickly!

Only 3 days left from 7.24

Those who have not signed up yet, hurry up!

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