Home of unexpectedly: the core business system is fully clouded, and PolarDB is used to replace the traditional commercial database

Introduction to leading domestic retailer of home furnishings, has completed 7 core business systems on the cloud, and realized the replacement of ERP and other core business systems from traditional commercial databases to Aliyun PolarDB cloud database, helping to improve the overall processing capacity of the business system More than 50%, the elasticity is increased by more than 3 times, and the ability to respond to big promotions like Double Eleven is greatly improved.


Really Home is the leader of China's home furnishing industry and a well-known brand in China's commercial circulation field. As of the end of the first quarter of 2021, the store network covers 29 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions, and 270 cities across the country. There are 393 home furnishing stores in charge of operation, and the highest annual sales volume exceeds 85 billion yuan.

With the accelerating digital transformation of JJJ, online business has shown explosive growth. Self-built IDC has been unable to meet the needs of actual business development. Whenever the system faces business peaks, it needs to spend a lot of energy, financial resources and time in advance to make corresponding preparations. . In addition, Zhiranzhijia has always used traditional commercial databases to support core business systems such as ERP and POS. Traditional centralized deployment and the use of traditional commercial databases have brought high IT construction costs, high concurrency support capabilities, weak elastic expansion capabilities, and maintenance difficulties. Higher issues are gradually exposed.

work on the cloud for the core business system, and decided to introduce 161274a0816111 Alibaba Cloud PolarDB cloud native database replace the traditional commercial database. A few days ago, after a multi-party team continued to work hard, the 7 core business systems, more than 110 servers, more than 10 core database clusters, 2.5TB of data successfully completed the migration to the cloud, and the adaptation and transformation of the cloud database.

Bo Qingsong, head of IT at the House of Unexpectedly, said that the full cloudification of core business systems is a huge technological upgrade. This upgrade solves the problem of insufficient capabilities of the original architecture and is more adaptable to the complex scenarios of new retail. The difficulty and cost of IT operation and maintenance have been reduced, and the agility and flexible expansion of IT systems have been qualitatively improved. In particular, the cutover and launch of the cloud-native database PolarDB has greatly improved the processing capabilities, flexibility and expansion capabilities of the core business system.

Wang Linpeng, chairman and CEO of Suanzhijia, said: “The trend of enterprises to go to the cloud is inevitable. We must actively embrace this trend and realize the comprehensive cloudification upgrade of the technology base. In the short term, it is possible to invest more in the cloud, but in the long run See, it will be able to effectively control the growth of technology costs and support the true implementation of the enterprise's digital transformation strategy."

It is understood that PolarDB is a self-developed cloud-native database Cloud. It is designed based on the storage and computing separation architecture to meet the needs of government and enterprise customers to go to the cloud. In the past decade or so, Alibaba Cloud has made rapid progress in the field of product technology and has been widely recognized by the market. As the only technology manufacturer in China, it has successfully entered the Gartner Global Database Leaders Quadrant. At present, more than 150,000 database customers have migrated to Alibaba Cloud, including leading enterprises in various fields such as government affairs, retail, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and logistics.

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