Tencent Cloud TKE Everywhere feature released, users can host K8s services in their own infrastructure



Kong Lingfei, a senior engineer at Tencent Cloud, has experience in research and development and architecture of large-scale Kubernetes clusters and microservices. He currently focuses on infrastructure development in the cloud-native hybrid cloud field.

Zhu Xiang, Senior Product Manager of Tencent Cloud Container Service, is currently responsible for the design of cloud native hybrid cloud product solutions.


The digital transformation of enterprises has become the core strategy of enterprises. The new generation of IT technology with cloud computing as the core has become an important support has become the only way for the digital transformation of enterprises . , due to data security and privacy, resource utilization, business disaster recovery and other reasons, the 16131f93716405 hybrid cloud architecture is usually adopted when going to the cloud, and hybrid cloud has become the new normal of enterprise cloud .

In recent years, with the popularity of cloud-native technology in the cloud computing market, the hybrid cloud and cloud-native has become a trend . Cloud native technologies represented by Docker and Kubernetes have shielded the differences in the underlying infrastructure and have become the de facto basis for enterprise hybrid cloud management. At the same time, the CNCF community provides a large number of cloud-native tools and software to help companies further reduce the difference between on-cloud and off-cloud. Cloud native and hybrid cloud are a "match made in heaven" .

TKE Everywhere is a new feature launched by the Tencent Cloud container team for hybrid cloud scenarios, based on the public cloud container service TKE (Tencent Kubernetes Engine), which supports users to run the hosted TKE service in their own infrastructure.

Customer Cloud Challenge

Resource utilization

Enterprises have already invested in data centers. If they want to migrate to the cloud, how to deal with this part of the stock of servers. The cloud can not have additional costs, how amortized cost of resources in the course of the cloud- , effective use of these resources has become part of the problem.

Consistent experience

After enterprises go to the cloud, they are faced with two sets of infrastructures on the cloud and IDC. The two environments are independent of each other. It is easy to form an isolated island of operation and maintenance deployment, resulting in a situation of "mixing" but not "combining". "Mixed" instead of "combined", enterprises do not enjoy the value brought by the hybrid cloud architecture, but it brings additional complexity and problems. Under the business architecture of hybrid cloud, customers need consistent and unified experience.

TKE Everywhere

TKE Everywhere is a new deployment option for TKE Container Service (Tencent Kubernetes Engine). consistent with TKE on the cloud on their own infrastructure, including virtual machines and physical machines . TKE Everywhere adopts a managed control plane, and the life cycle management of cluster creation, upgrade, monitoring, etc. is unified in the cloud, and users only need to provide computing resources.

TKE Everywhere provides users with

Node hybrid deployment

TKE Everywhere provides a hybrid deployment of multiple types of nodes. You can run IDC nodes, cloud server CVM / Blackstone physical server and elastic container service EKS at the same time in the cluster.

on the one hand , IDC resources can be effectively used; on the other hand, , you can easily expand your business under the cloud to the cloud when you need it.

Extreme flexibility

Supports the use of cloud resources to rapidly expand IDC resources, giving IDC resources the ability to "unlimited" expansion, effectively coping with sudden traffic scenarios. You can use CVM on the cloud or use out-of-the-box flexible container service EKS for rapid expansion.

Seamlessly expand cloud services

Seamlessly integrate Tencent Cloud cloud native related services, covering monitoring, security, auditing, logging, service grid, image distribution acceleration etc. You can connect the monitoring indicators of clusters and services to Tencent Cloud cloud native Prometheus monitoring service , Eliminate the cost of self-built monitoring system. Logs can also be delivered to the cloud native log service CLS , business logs for storage and analysis. Seamlessly integrate with the service grid TCM on the cloud to build microservice governance capabilities, etc.

Instructions for use

In order to ensure the stability of the cluster, here we recommend using Tencent Cloud cloud networking user IDC network and the public cloud VPC network. Cloud Connect Network (CCN) provides the cloud private network (VPC), VPC and The service of intranet interconnection between local data centers (IDC) has the capabilities of multi-point interconnection of the whole network, self-learning of routes, link optimization and rapid failure convergence .

In order to shield the differences in different network environments at the bottom, TKE Everywhere provides a Cilium-based container network solution, which supports Cilium Overlay network Cilium Underlay network based on direct routing.

When customers do not want to change their IDC basic network facilities, they can use the Overlay network; when customers have high requirements for the performance of the hybrid cloud container network, they can use the Underlay network based on direct routing.


  1. The TKE cluster has been created.
  2. The Kubernetes cluster version is greater than or equal to 1.18.

Turn on the third-party node function

In the cluster [Basic Information]-[Node and Network Information], enable the third-party node function and fill in the relevant parameters as required, as shown in the following figure:

Create a third-party node pool

Tencent Cloud TKE uses the ability of a third-party node pool to support the registration of non-Tencent Cloud servers as nodes of the TKE cluster to the TKE cluster. The user provides computing resources. The container service TKE is responsible for the management of the entire life cycle of the cluster.

Node initialization

Create a new node, get the node initialization script, and execute it on the IDC server to be registered to the cluster.

Add node

Execute the following commands to complete the addition of nodes

./add2tkectl-cls-m57oxxxp-np-xxxx install

Customer case-self-developed cloud

Tencent's internal self-developed business to go to the cloud has become the main course. Here we select a representative self-developed business to go to the cloud. At present, the self-developed business is deployed in the self-developed IDC computer room. business has been containerized, and a wealth of containerization experience has accumulated 16131f93716796.

The appeal of going to the cloud

Resource utilization

At present, the self-developed business holds a large amount of server resources in the self-developed IDC computer room, because there can be no additional costs. If you want to migrate to the cloud, how to deal with this part of the stock of servers. How to amortize the cost of resources in the process of going to the cloud and effectively use this part of resources has become a problem .

Unification of the operation and maintenance system

There are two basic environments of IDC on the cloud and under the cloud, and the business deployment and operation and maintenance systems remain unified. The inconsistency of the operation and maintenance management system will bring additional burdens to the cloud for self-developed businesses.

Cloud solution selection-TKE Everywhere

In view of the current situation and demands of the self-research team's business, we recommend that you directly use the container service TKE as the environment for cloud business deployment, and adopt the features of TKE Everywhere. Through TKE Everywhere, the self-developed IDC computer room runs managed TKE services. cluster is completely managed by TKE, and users do not need to manage the operation and maintenance cluster .

In order to ensure the stability and high performance of the service, the network of the self-developed IDC computer room and the public cloud VPC has been opened up through Tencent Cloud Cloud Networking.

In the cluster of self-developed business, a mixture of resources under the cloud and resources under the cloud are deployed in the cluster. This deployment has an advantage, IDC stock computing resources are effectively used, and with the gradual elimination of IDC computing resources, the full amount of business will be gradually migrated to the cloud .

TKE Everywhere seamlessly integrates the logging, monitoring, auditing, service grid and other products and capabilities surrounding Tencent Cloud TKE. The self-developed business originally built IDC’s self-built monitoring, log and other systems. Special personnel need to be arranged to operate and maintain. In order to take full advantage of the cloud, the self-built monitoring and log system is gradually being migrated from the cloud to the cloud provided by Tencent Cloud. Native Prometheus monitoring service and cloud native log service CLS to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance.

With the help of TKE Everywhere, the self-developed business migrated hundreds of thousands of nuclear resources to the cloud within a month, which effectively supported the self-developed business on the cloud .


TKE Everywhere provides a new solution for hybrid cloud scenarios, allowing users to run managed TKE services on their own infrastructure. TKE Everywhere adopts a fully managed form, users do not need local operation and maintenance management cluster, only need to provide computing resources to .

Closed beta invitation

The current TKE Everywhere feature is now in closed beta. We sincerely invite you to participate in the closed beta application. Please click Submit Work Order ( https://console.cloud.tencent.com/workorder/category) to contact us.

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