Activiti workflow, the approval system is easily implemented, and the leave approval demo is from the process drawing to the end of the approval instance



Activiti workflow, enterprise erp, oa, hr, crm and other approval systems are easily implemented, and leave approval demos are drawn from the process to the end of approval.

1. Project form

springboot+vue+activiti integrates activiti online editor, rapid development platform, and pluggable workflow service.

2. Project introduction

This project has user management, department management, code generation, system supervision, reports, large-screen display, business approval and other functions. The function is too powerful, only a rough introduction, what you see is what you get, experience it.

3. Workflow

1. Process model drawing

Enter the process model menu and create a process model. This involves gateway transfer and transfer conditions need to be set. Here we are those who are over 30 years old and go to the lower branch, and those who are under 30 years old go to the upper branch. Click on the branch line and set the transfer conditions. ${age<=30}. After saving, we can click Publish in the list. 绘制流程



2. Process configuration

After publishing, you will reach the list of published models. Before enabling, we need to set up nodes and associate specific documents.


Approvers can directly designate the person, department, department head, and initiator department head to configure according to their roles, which basically meets all circulation needs, and can set form variables.


Set up the process form. At present, a test form for asking for leave has been made, and the corresponding role can be authorized to achieve custom permissions. 设置关联表单

Start after setting.

3. Process submission

Fill in the leave form 填写表单发起申请


The priority of submitting documents is divided into ordinary, important, and urgent. Message notification can be selected from site notification, SMS, email.


The documents can be withdrawn after submission. 撤回

Check the progress of the process flow.


You can also suspend and delete the process. 挂起

4. Process approval

The person who handles the approval list can process the documents (rejected or approved), or entrust others to do it. 审批待办

Approved. 在这里插入图片描述

Entrust others to be on your behalf. 委托他人待办

After the approval is passed, it will enter the completed list. 已办列表

Those who are older than 30 years old, enter the following branch to circulate. 流程查看



5. Push to do information

Push messages within the site. 在这里插入图片描述


The above only shows the approval flow function of the platform, and there are many other functions that are not shown. I also wrote some very useful components to achieve agile and rapid development of the system, greatly reducing development time and cost. It is currently docking with mobile terminal approval. . Because I didn't have time to deploy the online test environment before, considering the near-term deployment, I can find me alone for remote demonstration, and contact me if you need the source code. q:2500564056.

Thanks: jeecgboot open source version coffee rabbit activiti actual combat

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