User Rights Statement


Reputation 0

Users who have just registered but are not activated have a reputation of 0 and have no right to participate in the community.

Reputation 1

  • question and answer

    • When you encounter a problem, you can ask the question after you explore yourself and hope to find the exact answer
    • When answering questions, please be responsible for your own answers, and do not reply to meaningless content such as "tops", "same questions", "agree with the opinions upstairs", and "search a lot on the Internet";

      • If you want to consult the questioner, you can use the comment function
      • If you have the same question, you can use the voting function
    • After the first question, the public review center will evaluate whether your content meets the specifications and pass it. During the period, you may be asked to modify and improve your question. This is to facilitate everyone to solve your problem more quickly
    • After you get the correct answer, remember to adopt the answer so that others can refer to it in the future
  • Write an article
  • a comment

    • After you post a comment, both the author and your @ people will receive a reminder
    • Under what circumstances can you post comments:

      • Ask some questions for the author to add or describe more clearly
      • Put forward constructive suggestions for improvement to the author
      • Provide some clues to the author
    • Under what circumstances should not comment:

      • The modification proposal does not affect the meaning of the content and should be edited directly
      • Write the answer in the comment, it should be in the answer area
      • Praise content, such as "+1", "top floor" and other meaningless content, you should use voting instead
      • No constructive comments
      • For other discussions, disputes, etc., please use the chat room instead
      • To discuss the content of unrelated issues such as community building, please go to the community building discussion
  • Report content

    • When content is reported as "spam", "violation", "unfriendly" >= 3 times, the content will be automatically removed from the homepage
    • When the content is reported as "spam", "violation", "unfriendly" >= 6 times, the content will be set to be visible only to the author
    • The report cannot be revoked, and the report that has not been processed for more than 48 hours will be automatically ignored. The number of reports per day is linked to prestige
    • For issues that need to be closed, community users can apply to close the issue through "Report-Need to Close". Usually, the issues that need to be closed are mainly in the following situations:

      • Deviation from the community theme: has nothing to do with technology, discussion, useless to others
      • Duplicate an existing problem with the community: please enter the URL of the existing problem
      • Poor quality of the problem: the problem is too watery, reach out to the party
    • Community users can apply to ignore (collapse) an answer through "Report-Suggest Ignore". The answers that usually need to be ignored are mainly in the following situations:

      • Does not meet the answering specifications: the content is not an answer, it can be replaced by comments and votes
      • Meaningless content: meaningless content such as likes, likes, and the same question
      • Repeat with existing answer: same answer, please use voting function
  • Report user

Reputation 5

  • Participate in community construction section

    • You can participate in the community building section:

      • Provide feedback
      • Report bug
      • Provide suggestions for the community
      • Discuss the operation of the community, etc.
    • Need to reach 5 points of prestige is to prevent spam and ensure the quality of the community building section

Reputation 10 ★

  • Lifting new user restrictions

    • Some permissions for new users are restricted:

      • No more than 2 external links in the content or personal profile published each time
      • Question or answer frequency
    • In order to prevent some advertising bots from publishing spam, we have sandboxed new users, but in fact, after getting a few votes, you can easily get rid of such troubles.
  • Create column

    • Create a self-managed column, you can publish articles to this column

Reputation 15

  • voted in favor of

    • By default, the user has the right to vote for the vote, but the vote for the vote after the reputation reaches 15 will affect the reputation of the caste.
    • Like a negative vote, you can change your mind within 5 minutes. After the time has passed, you cannot change your vote unless the content is modified again.
    • The number of votes is also limited
  • Invite others to answer

    • When inviting users on the site to answer questions, the number of invitations can be linked to prestige
    • There is also a limit on the number of times when you invite answers via email
    • There is no prestige and frequency limit when inviting answers through sharing links on Weibo, etc.

Reputation 100 ★

  • Automatically hide certain advertisements

    • Some ads on the page are not displayed to reduce interference
  • Edit Tag Wiki

    • Tag Wiki is a place for people to learn and gain knowledge. Wiki has version control, and each edit needs to be reviewed and validated
  • Send private message

    • Send private messages to others (there are other restrictions on sending private messages)

Reputation 125

  • vote against

    • When you encounter a content that is very sloppy, unclear, or the answer is obviously wrong, please use your right to object
    • It can be cancelled within 5 minutes after voting against it. After the time has elapsed, unless the content is edited again, it can be cancelled. The question will disappear from the home page after getting a negative vote, and the answer will be ranked to the end after getting a negative vote. We don't want you to vote against it every day, so you need to pay some price:

      • Disapproval will deduct 2 prestige from the author
      • Voting against the answer, the voter himself will also deduct 1 reputation
      • No points will be deducted for voting against the issue
      • The number of votes is limited, linked to prestige
    • We do not want you to abuse this right, so in addition to voting, you can also express your views in the following ways:

      • The content is spam, report
      • The question is a duplicate of an existing question, report it for the administrator to see
      • If something is wrong, you can comment or edit and correct it directly

Reputation 200

  • edit question and answer

    • Edit other people’s questions and answers, enter the public review center for review after editing, and the original author of the content can also be directly reviewed

Reputation 500

  • Review the first question or dig a grave to answer

    • The first time a newcomer publishes content or answers old questions, it needs to be reviewed
    • In the review queue, the content that meets the requirements can click [Agree]
    • If you think that only the author can describe the problem clearly by improving himself, click [Object to Pass], and the author will receive an improvement notice
    • If you are not sure whether you can pass, click [Change another] to temporarily skip this review
    • If you do not want to review the content of this article, click [Neutral] to skip permanently

Reputation 1000 ★

  • Qualified users

    • After a period of time and integration into the community, users can enjoy some privileges:

      • Check the composition of the vote (agree and disagree)
      • Display the user card when moving to the user avatar (it will only be displayed when the user profile exceeds 28 characters, and there will be a shadow behind the expandable avatar)

Reputation 1500

  • Create a new label

    • Most tag communities have them, and we recommend that you use existing tags. If your tag has never appeared in the community and believe that many people will use it in the future, then you can create
    • The label should be less than 25 characters and can only be composed of "Chinese", "az", "0-9", "+", "#", "-", and "." symbols
    • After the label is created, it can be used directly without review, but the notice can be seen in the moderator panel
    • Note: The label will be automatically deleted by the system if it is used without other problems within 6 months after its creation

Reputation 2000

  • Edit question, answer and take effect immediately

    • We believe in the power of community collaboration, and believe that you will make good use of your rights to protect the content of the community after reaching a certain prestige. Under what circumstances should be edited:

      • Edit grammar and spelling errors
      • Make the problem more clear, instead of changing the problem
      • Correct some minor errors or update content
      • Add some related connection information
    • Trivial and no-effect changes are not recommended, which is a waste of time. Every modification will be included in the history
  • Restore the version of other people's questions and answers

Reputation 5000

  • Review tag Wiki changes

    • After the user edits the signature, it needs to be reviewed before it takes effect, and only the following two points can be reviewed and approved:

      • The content is correct and sourced
      • Content includes introduction and objective description
    • When the review is passed, the person who submits the edit will receive 2 prestige points

Reputation 20000 ★

  • Trusted user

    • Trusted users can directly perform some sensitive operations, such as:

      • Modification of the label encyclopedia without review
      • Restore label version
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