The digital transformation of traditional school uniform companies, they use micro-build to do so


01. Challenges: New problems faced by the "old brands"

The founder of Lihua Uniforms, Gao Lihua, has been rooted in the education industry for many years. During a trip to India, she saw that even in some areas with harsh living conditions, the children on campus were still wearing school uniforms and ties, exuding self-confidence and sunshine. Received a strong impact. After returning to China, Gao Lihua and his wife immediately founded Lihua school uniforms and hired senior Hong Kong school uniform designers to design nearly 60 series of nearly 500 sets of elegant, simple and comfortable school uniforms for children. In recent years, they have gradually expanded their categories to cover school uniforms and shoes in all seasons. Socks, schoolbags, quilts, etc., have established long-term and stable channel cooperation with hundreds of schools and educational institutions in China. After the business boomed, Lihua also encountered some more difficult problems:

1. The category is more abundant, but it cannot highlight the advantages

There are distributors of school uniforms all over the country, but distributors with outstanding design sense and rich categories like Lihua school uniforms are rare. Most of the school uniform distributors follow the traditional sales model, and they have to go through the steps of telephone interviews, face-to-face visits, and sample delivery. But before the samples are sent, the advantages of Lihua school uniform products are difficult to be recognized by the school procurement staff. The inability to break out of the traditional model and to show its own characteristics in the first place has largely restricted the business development of Lihua school uniforms.

2. Channels continue to grow and order management becomes complicated

First of all, each school purchases different categories. It is necessary to ensure that each school's orders and shipments are independent. With the increase of channels, the time for statistics of these orders has also been doubled. Secondly, the collection of school orders is usually carried out by the head teacher informing the parents and collected on a class basis. However, due to inconsistent ordering habits, the collected size specifications are confusing and inaccurate. The cost of post-checking has increased again; the last and most difficult situation to deal with is some additional order requirements. For example, if the child’s clothes are lost, the child gains weight and grows taller, if there is no remaining inventory for these scattered orders, it is necessary to go through the factory ordering process again, which is time-consuming and costly.

3. The epidemic continues, bringing new challenges

With the arrival of the epidemic, all schools were forced to suspend classes for a long time, orders dropped sharply, and most of the cash flow was lost. As a result, upstream cooperative factories partially closed their doors. Half a year later, when the students returned to school, orders increased, but at this time the upstream production capacity was obviously not as good as before the epidemic, and I wanted to wait for the factory to recruit new people for training before returning to the previous production capacity. During this period of time, controlling the number of orders, reducing the operating costs of the enterprise, and improving the operating efficiency of each position has become an urgent change for Lihua school uniforms.

02 Breaking the game: Mini-build and low-code help digital transformation

President Bai of Lihua Uniform noticed that the parent group has changed from the post-70s generations to the post-80s and post-90s generations. They are more accustomed to self-ordering and long for a more convenient and free school uniform ordering experience. In the past, the head teacher sent notifications in the WeChat group to collect and sort out the orders of parents. Mr. Bai hopes that now parents can complete self-service orders through a small program. The sales of school uniforms are in urgent need of innovation and transformation. Due to the influence of emotions, the company can only invest in small programs with limited capital. Bai always felt that the ordinary small program templates on the market were too fixed to meet the personalized display of Lihua school uniforms, but he was prohibitive for the price of custom development. So Mr. Bai contacted a WeChat Mini Program service provider friendly and fast. With the help of Tencent Cloud WeChat, the other party helped Lihua school uniforms to build a set of independent style and e-commerce functions in less than one day. Complete small program.

As a low-code product, MicroPack uses a standardized price to achieve the effect of customized services. It can help customers like Lihua school uniforms. This all boils down to the two major advantages of MicroPack:

One is the small program style setting flexibility, strong personalization ability

Page flexibility: The number of pages can be configured freely, and the page jump path can be configured according to the characteristics of the applet business. In addition, the background style of each page can also be set independently.

Richness of the page: Each page is made up of various components, and the combination of components is completely free and not restricted by templates. The components can be logically associated through settings.

Personalization of components: dragging and dropping components into the page only completes the construction of the architecture. The components themselves have more detailed settings, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the style needs, and the display effect can be changed at will on the basis of zero code.

second is that the applet can be associated with external data sources to expand the functions of the applet itself

Wechat can realize flexible customization in the style of the mini program, but for products like Lihua school uniforms with a large variety of products, a large number of products, and complex channels, it is costly and time-consuming to build a database by itself. Thanks to the ability to open and connect with the mini-build, it is directly linked to a mature e-commerce system, saving a lot of unnecessary development.

03 Freshman: Fresh technology brings brand-new experience

The launch of the "Lihua Uniform Mall" mini program has brought many changes to the Lihua Uniform team, their upstream and downstream channels, and their parents. Parents’ purchasing experience has been greatly improved. In the past, if the child’s clothes were lost and torn, they would have to sign up and wait to buy another one, but now they can open the mini program at any time, fill in their own address, and the school can place an order freely. As far as the school is concerned, it is no longer necessary to participate in the process of parents buying school uniforms for their children, which liberates school staff and reduces friction and disputes between school parents. In the past, problems such as the confusion of placing orders with the factory and the untimely placing of orders have also been resolved with the upgrade of the system. The most important thing is that Lihua school uniform insists on upgrading the mini program, changing its team structure and operation focus, from the original model of investing in a large number of sales channels and manually processing orders, to standardized product sample display and automatic order collection, saving A lot of manpower expenditure. Compared with other school uniform distributors who are worried about issuing orders during the epidemic, Lihua school uniforms are well prepared for the long-term fight against the epidemic. Not only that, Mr. Bai of Lihua school uniforms is confident that with the help of the "flexibility" and "connection" capabilities of micro-building, he will further do a good job in the private domain operation of the school uniform business, serve more schools, and bring parents a better shopping experience. It is hoped that more traditional enterprises can use the mini-build and low-code to alleviate the pain caused by digital transformation as much as possible, and bring new opportunities for business growth.

About Weida

What is

Weida is the first domestic serverless low-code platform for WeChat applets launched by Tencent Cloud.

WeChat Mini Program Ecology: The first low-code platform native to WeChat Mini Programs in China;

Directly connected to Tencent's SaaS product ecosystem: It can connect with Tencent's products such as Enterprise WeChat, Tencent Conference, Tencent Document, WeChat Pay, Tencent Advertising and other product data;

WeChat cloud native technology base: with serverless high availability, security, anti-brush, and free flow capabilities;

Open ecology: provide a partnership model to jointly build industry vertical SaaS products;

Low-code core capabilities: visual drag and drop, process engine, data model, etc.

What can

Drag the mouse to generate a page in 3 minutes, which can be used to quickly publish small programs, H5, Web and other multi-terminal applications.

Mini program and H5 application construction, cloud construction, and release to meet the needs of high-performance application construction;
PC Web project construction, cloud construction, and release to meet the rapid construction of the back-end system;
The digital needs of enterprises, the OA platform workflow is connected.
What are the advantages of

Drag and drop development
Visual drag-and-drop construction and layout of the page, with low barriers to use.
Multiple pages
Drag and drop to build a front-end page that can be used to publish multi-terminal applications
Cloud native integration
With cloud development as a powerful underlying support, the full link of application production is naturally opened up, with the high performance of cloud development.
Multi-dimensional application ecology
Multidimensional ecology helps every wheel to play a role.
Multi-team collaboration
Provide application sub-module functions to assist in multi-team collaborative management of application projects
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