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I heard that college students are also rolling up now? The original 2,000-word essay, someone actually wrote 20,000, and also specially designed the cover! Are you desperately trying to figure out the word count for this paper? Have you ever been confused, what are you doing now to compete hard or to "involve" meaninglessly?

If the college entrance examination is the most important moment in life, then college life is definitely the beginning of a watershed in life. Some students find their ideal job as soon as they graduate, and some are still worried about choosing positions... How do college freshmen choose their career direction? Improve your core competitiveness in college life? The following is a dialogue between Sister Mei, a Huawei Cloud expert, and her classmates. 12 Questions and Answers. From university life to employment in the workplace, different questions are provided for reference. I hope this article can bring you some inspiration.

Six Questions about Employment

Q1: How do college students plan their careers?

Huawei Cloud Expert: The career plan of college students is mainly to solve the problem of positioning, that is, what kind of job they will engage in in the future. The core of positioning is to understand oneself, understand the profession, and do a good job matching.

Understand yourself from the three aspects of your interests, abilities and values, that is, what I like, what I can do, and what I value most at work. Think carefully and answer these 3 questions first. If it is difficult for yourself Give the answer, you can use some assessment tools to help you sort out.

To understand the profession can be obtained from the three aspects of industry, enterprise and function, the situation of the industry, the type and culture of the enterprise, and the requirements of the job itself. This aspect can be obtained through research.

After the positioning is determined, the next step is development. Development is mainly centered on improving the ability, identifying the difference between the ability required by the position and one's own ability, and making short-term, medium-term and long-term plans to improve.

Q2: How do fresh graduates avoid excessive competition and efficiently choose jobs under the social background of widespread involution?

Huawei Cloud Expert: Behind the involution and competition is the competition for resources. Avoiding involution and excessive competition depends on the industry you are in, the company you choose, and the occupation you are engaged in. The jobs of some popular professions and companies with good credibility are very difficult. If you have been to Dumuqiao, it may not be a double first-class university, postgraduate qualifications, and returnees who will be eliminated after the first round of screening.

The core of efficient job selection and employment is to have a clear positioning, choose a career that suits you, and work towards your goals. whether

How to involve the social environment, think clearly about what you want, be firm in your direction, and take your own path.

Q3: How do juniors prepare for employment in advance?

HUAWEI CLOUD Expert: First of all, we must first have a goal. There may be more than one goal. You can try more at this time;

Secondly, the improvement of ability. After you have your favorite position and company, you can improve yourself according to the specific requirements of the position; you can consider taking some certifications. English and computer general classes are necessary, and some are professional skills, which can be learned systematically. Knowledge can be used as a proof of ability, but the important thing to remember is not what certification you have, but what you really know.

Thirdly, to strive for internship opportunities in the target position, one is to accumulate experience, and the other is to confirm in advance whether it is the job you want to do. If the previous goal is determined to be more than just one, students are encouraged to experience more in actual work. The actual work is still very different from what you imagined. In addition to corporate internships, there are also some social practice activities that you can also participate in, such as some public welfare activities of the local Communist Youth League, participating in the planning, organization, and implementation of the work, which can help you broaden your horizons and exercise yourself. These experiences will also have Help your growth. It should be noted that you have to be clear about the motives behind each of your actions, and do things with a clear distinction between priority and priority.

Q4: Four consecutive career choices-high wages in big cities are under pressure, and wages in small cities are almost but easy. How should fresh graduates choose? Faced with several opportunities, which one is better? Which job should I choose among high-paying and counterpart jobs? Teacher, should I decisively change jobs after seeing a higher-paying company or develop in the current company?

HUAWEI CLOUD Expert: These four issues are all of the same type. How to make a decision depends on what you want, whether you want stability and ease, or growth and struggle. This is a process of choice. Provide a tool for the decision balance sheet, you can click on the decision balance sheet to receive it.

Q5: For graduates who want to take the path of management, how should the hard and soft abilities be balanced?

HUAWEI CLOUD experts: I don’t know what the hard and soft abilities mentioned here refer to. From the perspective of career planning, abilities are divided into three levels: knowledge, skills, and talents. The knowledge is usually hard abilities, such as computer knowledge, Legal knowledge, artificial intelligence, etc., have professional characteristics and cannot be transferred; skills and talents are soft skills, such as communication ability, organizational ability, computer operation ability, management ability, affinity, etc., which can be transferred.

Very few graduates are engaged in management positions after graduation, and management trainees also rotate in basic work in various departments. At this time, hard ability is the foundation and solid professional knowledge is required. After hard ability is passed, soft ability is important for selecting talents for different positions. refer to. The two abilities have different focuses at different stages. At first, they should focus on hard abilities, convince the crowd first, and gradually move to management-related tasks before turning to soft abilities. When companies promote talents, they will first look at your professional abilities.

For graduates, finding a job is a stepping stone, your professional knowledge background, professional-related certification, computer and English-related level examinations, etc. Soft ability is a bonus item, the communication, organization, and planning ability shown by your club management experience, internship experience, award status, etc.

Q6: How do computer-related majors plan their careers?

HUAWEI CLOUD Expert: The employment direction of computer-related majors is very wide, such as hardware development, software development, network, design, testing, operation and maintenance, etc., or first look at what you like, what you are good at, and what you value at work. Find a combination of the three Click to position. After positioning, it is the stage of adaptation and development. You can set a stage of 1-3 years to improve your abilities with a goal.

Six Questions About Interview

Q7: What exactly do I need to test for a comprehensive interview?

HUAWEI CLOUD Expert: Generally, comprehensive interviews are after technical interviews, mainly to fully understand your personality, characteristics, past experience, etc. The form is generally face-to-face communication, and may take the form of online video in the context of the epidemic. Some companies with content will also have some personality assessments, value observations, and so on. At this time, you must first understand the corporate culture of the following interview company, as well as the requirements for skills and talents in the job requirements, and show the company's own characteristics that match these aspects to the corporate interviewer during the interview.

Q8: The Internet industry technology is iterating too fast, and cutting-edge technologies are understood extensively but not well. Is it a drawback of interviews?

HUAWEI CLOUD Expert: First of all, it depends on what kind of technology you are applying for. There will be key points in the job responsibilities requirements. This is the knowledge that needs to be accumulated and reserved.

Secondly, from the company's point of view, T-shaped talents are still very popular, because they have breadth and depth, so understanding the breadth can be a bonus for you. If you are not good at this point, spend more time and energy in the preparation process.

In many cases, companies focus on your basic professional knowledge, such as a programmer position. You need to have some hardware knowledge, programming language, data structure and network-related knowledge, and the remaining knowledge can be continued after entering the job. This is about paying attention to your learning ability and what you can learn.

Therefore, if you are not proficient in a certain technology required by the company, you must first try your best to prepare before the interview, and in addition, you must show your learning ability.

Q9: If I want to work in an Internet company without a computer background, will I be at a disadvantage during the interview? How can we make up for this disadvantage?

Huawei Cloud Expert: Internet companies also have many different positions. If you want to do development work, your non-professional background will have disadvantages. To make up for it, you must first fill in your knowledge, self-study, training, etc. The development requires hands-on ability. After learning the theoretical foundation, you should do more experimental projects. You can also become our HUAWEI CLOUD developer, refer to the corresponding technology learning path, learn through online courses, cloud live broadcasts, training camps and other activities, such as Java programming creation camp, Python training camp, AI full-stack growth plan, etc.; in the experiment Hands-on operation in the room and sandbox. After learning, you can obtain the corresponding Huawei Cloud micro-certification and professional certification, and participate in the corresponding competitions to verify your abilities. At the same time, these experiences will also be your bonus points for future interviews.

Q10: How should a resume be written to get rid of the mediocre description without being fancy?

Huawei Cloud Expert: First of all, there should be more than one version of the resume. For different target positions, the corresponding resumes should be different, because the key points are different.

Secondly, show your practical experience in your resume, including school club activities, social charity activities, internship experience, work-study, etc. These will make your resume look more three-dimensional. When writing these experiences, you have to think clearly through In this experience, you want to show your abilities (knowledge, skills, and talents), which should match the position you are applying for.

Q11: How to fill in the award column on the resume? Do you want to fill in the small prize?

HUAWEI CLOUD Expert: Your resume is used to demonstrate your abilities. If your rewards reflect your strengths and strengths, it is recommended to fill in them. On the resumes of graduates, employers value awards and social practical experience.

But pay attention to the focus of your resume, highlighting what your highlights are. It is best to match the target position, different resumes for different positions, don’t use one resume for overseas investment. For example, if you are applying for a job as a programmer, you can write all the rewards related to programming competitions, regardless of whether it is a national or provincial level or whether it is awarded by an authoritative organization. For example, if you are applying for content operation and official account management, the relevant rewards of the essay contest and essay contest can be written, regardless of the size.

Q12: What should I do if the occupational personality test is different from the job I want to do?

HUAWEI CLOUD Expert: The test results are for reference only. Although they have certain reliability and validity, they cannot be labeled as individuals. If the test results are inconsistent with your own thoughts and are totally different, then re-examine it again, you can re-test or change to other tests of the same kind. In the end, your real thoughts and feelings will prevail, not the results of the test.

If you have other questions, you can communicate with Huawei Cloud experts in the live broadcast on September 16th, 20:00-21:30. This time, we specially invite Huawei's highest personal honor award expert Tong Ge, school recruits 21offer outstanding senior Pan Yongbin, and Huawei's college education solution expert Zhang teacher with 10+ years of Internet research and development experience to teach you how to do a good job in the early stages of entering a big factory Prepare.

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