The audience synchronization management function is online, so that your event packages can be sent to people


At present, in order to save the time and energy of enterprises and allow developers to focus on research and development, most of the applications or games launched by enterprises use intermodal transportation, that is, application developers and the application market are jointly operated in the form of cooperative sharing. Enterprises usually regularly operate in the application market. The platform distributes gift packages to maintain users. So, can these gift packages meet the needs of all users? Has the issuance of coupons achieved the desired effect?

Different users are interested in different content, and their sensitivity to the package amount or content is also different. Therefore, the key to achieving satisfactory results is to distribute gift packages in a targeted manner to maintain users. The Audience Synchronization Management function of Huawei Analytics, by synchronizing the audience groups analyzed and predicted by Huawei to the activity management of the application market, supports the targeted distribution of coupons and gift packages to the audience, achieving marketing objectives at the lowest cost and helping companies to increase ROI.

## Covering five core scenes

After the audiences analyzed by Huawei are synchronized to the application market, companies can distribute gift packages to users according to their own business needs. Take five scenarios as examples:

1) Uninstall recall

Uninstallation recall is an extension of platform services and is also the trigger of the next behavior. Doing a good job in uninstallation recall can extend the life cycle of users to a certain extent. However, most of the current data analysis platforms cannot collect user uninstallation events. Huawei uninstallation analysis function can accurately capture application uninstallation events and store them as a preset user audience for uninstallation. It can be used out of the box. The audience directly when enterprises create intermodal events. Choose to uninstall users to issue coupons for recall.

2) Silent wake up

There are two key factors for awakening silent users: one is to increase the number of recalled silent users as much as possible; the other is to increase the proportion of returning users who are retained and converted as much as possible. The former is the investment intensity, and the latter is the refined operation. Huawei analyzes preset silent user groups and audience synchronization to resolve this problem. If you want to recall silent users in intermodal activities, you can select the audience to select "silent users" or select "active user churn time" according to the label to users who have used intermodal apps or games for a period of time. The user groups no longer in use within the company will issue coupons with different quotas for refined recall to increase retention and activity.

3) Attrition warning

The user churn rate is not conducive to the success of the mobile platform. To build a successful App, the number of new users must be higher than the number of lost users. Huawei predicts that through big data mining potential churn users, you can select the audience to "predict high-probability churn users" to exclude "uninstalled users" and send large coupons; "predict medium and low-probability churn users" send small coupons to attract return. Effectively recall potential lost users.

4) Paid conversion

For example, in an e-commerce app, the user browses the product many times but does not purchase it. If the user receives a coupon issued in the background, he will have a high probability of paying. Huawei analyzes the audience synchronization can achieve "predicted low-probability payment" "Users" send large coupons to attract payment; "Predict medium and low-probability paying users" send small coupons to stimulate the conversion of paying potential users; and according to the tags "Paying users churn time" and "Cumulative recharge amount in the last 30 days" Make a choice and issue corresponding coupons to promote payment to user groups who have paid in intermodal applications or games and no longer pay for a period of time.

5) Value user operations

Imagine that you are a member of the user. Will it be different from the content that others are interested in because of differences in age, gender, hobbies, and time of use? Huawei Analytics can classify and categorize user attributes and events based on the user’s historical consumption times, amount and other user attributes and events to create audiences, and give them coupons of different denominations to facilitate user repurchase at the least cost; you can also choose the "high probability repurchase" predicted by Huawei "Users" issue a certain amount of coupons to stimulate users to repurchase and achieve the maximum value of operations from users.

Simple four-step distribution of directional gift packages

Step1: Log in to the unified open platform of the application market AppGallery Connect>All Services>Common Services>Event Management, create a new event, select an audience group, and click Create Audience Group.

Step2: Create an audience group, you can combine and select HA audience and Prediction audience.

Step3: On the HUAWEI Analytics>Management>Audience Synchronization Management page, select Application Campaign Management, and turn on the synchronization switch of the audience group created in the previous step.

Step4: Go back to the create event page of step 1, select the synchronized audience group, set the prize, upload the material and submit it for review to complete the distribution of the targeted gift package.

The above is a brief introduction of Huawei’s analysis of audience synchronization to application marketing activity management. There are various ways to create audiences, combining user attributes and behaviors, and directional distribution of gift packages to suit business needs, so as to achieve the maximum value of operations from users and realize user transfer payments. .

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