Tencent Cloud and Grafana Labs reached an in-depth cooperation to launch a new Grafana hosting service


On September 23, Tencent Cloud announced that it had reached an in-depth cooperation agreement with Grafana Labs, a leading open source data visualization company in the industry, to jointly develop and verify a new Grafana hosting service. Through the integration of Grafana Labs open source software and Tencent Cloud, it helps users quickly access the cloud. Visual monitoring of load and performance index data.

It is understood that Grafana Labs provides users with an open and flexible data visualization observation system based on the Grafana project, the leading open source visualization and dashboard technology. At present, its global installations have exceeded 750,000 times. Tencent Cloud has been cooperating with Grafana Labs since April this year, by adding Tencent Cloud Grafana cloud monitoring application plug-in to the Grafana open source ecosystem, targeting cloud products including Cloud Virtual Machine and Tencent DB , Provide users with visual monitoring capabilities of load and performance indicators. As the de facto standard of observability in the cloud-native era, Grafana is increasingly used for distributed application and container data observation. Grafana hosting services are currently being deeply integrated with Tencent Cloud container services, and are committed to improving cloud-native scenarios. Observability.

This time, the new Grafana hosting service jointly launched by the two parties allows more than 5 million Grafana users to connect to users’ data on the cloud through Tencent Cloud’s single sign-on (SSO), application plug-ins and other integrated functions, so that they can be secure on Tencent Cloud. , Simply run Grafana.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, said: “Since Tencent Cloud announced its cooperation with Grafana in April this year, the Tencent Cloud Grafana cloud monitoring application plug-in launched by Tencent Cloud has received good feedback from many users. We look forward to further contributing to Grafana Labs. Users provide more services and launch Grafana managed services. This new service allows users to experience Grafana’s advanced data visualization features, helping users to further enhance their cloud data experience and reduce the workload of infrastructure management."

Raj Dutt, co-founder and chief executive officer of Grafana Labs, said: “Grafana has successfully received positive feedback from many users since it first announced its cooperation with Tencent Cloud this year. Therefore, we decided to continue to strengthen our cooperation with Tencent Cloud and jointly launch a new The Grafana hosting service provides Tencent Cloud and Grafana users with native solutions for cloud load and performance monitoring data, helping users to further improve the efficiency of infrastructure management and fully develop new businesses."

As a safe, reliable and high-performance public cloud service provider, Tencent Cloud is based on the world’s leading cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technical products and services, providing services for government affairs, finance, games, e-commerce, healthcare, education, etc. Many industries provide globally accessible, advanced infrastructure and flexible cloud computing services to help the digital upgrade of the industry.

It is worth mentioning that, with top security standards and competitive services, Tencent Cloud recently won the "2020 Best Practice Award-Global Cloud Competitive Strategy and Leadership" from Frost & Sullivan. Prior to this, Tencent Cloud has been recognized by more than 70 international standards, including ISO22301, ISO27001, ISO20000, ISO9001, China Trusted Cloud Services Certification Trusted Cloud Services, information security level protection (level 3 or above), cloud security Alliance (CSA) STAR certification, outsourced service provider audit report (OSPAR) certification, and multi-layer cloud security cloud security standard certification (MTCS SS), etc.

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