How to migrate open source Flink tasks to the real-time computing Flink version? Practical manual to help!

Introduction to This manual is summarized by the real-time computing Flink version team's practical operations to help developers quickly complete data migration.

As one of the earliest companies in China to deploy real-time computing technology, Alibaba has already launched large-scale online use of real-time computing products as early as 2016. Alibaba Cloud Realtime Compute for Apache Flink (Powered by Ververica) is an enterprise-level, high-performance real-time big data processing system built by Alibaba Cloud based on Apache Flink. It is officially produced by the founding team of Apache Flink and has a unified global business. The brand is fully compatible with the open source Flink API and provides a wealth of enterprise-level value-added functions. Compared with the open source Apache Flink, the real-time computing Flink version has more advantageous functions and stability. In addition to the advantages in operation and maintenance, it is also more convenient for users out of the box.

The "Open Source Flink Migration Real-time Computing Flink Version Full Hosting Best Practices" manual was launched this time to help users quickly complete the migration of self-built open source Flink cluster streaming tasks (including Datastream, Table/SQL, PyFlink tasks) to Alibaba Cloud real-time computing Flink version fully managed product operation.

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Highlights of this book

  • Migration solutions for 4 scenarios, what you see is what you get
  • Super detailed operation manual, teach you hands-on data migration

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