Based on HarmonyOS distributed technology, they have created a full-field C-end product that combines software and hardware


"The popularity of the Internet of Things technology has allowed smart homes to flourish. However, the status quo that different home appliances use different operating systems, communication protocols and standards has led to a very fragmented experience. The emergence of HarmonyOS has broken this sense of fragmentation, and its distributed technology can make devices Better linkage between the two, solves the problem of fragmentation of the smart home experience.” Talking about the characteristics of HarmonyOS, Hongmeng Ecological Developer Pony said.

Pony is the development leader of the "Home and Home" team. He has always hoped to make a C-end product with collaborative processing, convenience and strong experience in the whole field of IoT. However, previously limited by technical conditions and device interconnection methods, this idea has always been Did not start to land. Until the emergence of HarmonyOS, the "Home and Home" team saw hope. Its distributed technology, tailorable system characteristics, and the ability to develop multi-terminal deployment at one time perfectly fit the team’s ideas and R&D direction, "especially it covers all IoT devices. Features have greatly encouraged our determination to develop products in the entire field." Pony said, "So we developed the product "Home and Home" based on HarmonyOS from zero to one."

"Home Harmony" is a full-scenario smart home solution based on HarmonyOS, in which radio devices, mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices can use distributed technology to call up application records, and cooperate with AI analysis to provide users with instant solutions to facilitate the solution Various problems in life, including reminders of important daily affairs, multi-terminal synchronization of memos, control of home appliances, etc.

Speaking of the actual experience of the application of "Home and Home" in daily life, Pony gave two examples: "For example, when I found out that the toothpaste was used up when I brushed my teeth in the morning, I can operate the radio equipment and say:'I want to buy toothpaste.' Able to transfer the recognized voice information to mobile phones, tablets, watches and other devices and record them as to-do tasks. These devices will remind you to buy toothpaste. In addition, discuss travel plans with your girlfriend in the evening and use the tablet to create an itinerary When the tablet is low on battery, you can seamlessly switch to the phone to continue editing. We have also developed a smart voice switch using open source and customizable capabilities, which can be used to send commands to control smart homes when it is inconvenient to use the phone."

In addition to the excellent user experience, the development experience of HarmonyOS is also worthy of recognition. "HarmonyOS can greatly reduce the difficulty and time of development. Its one-time development and multi-terminal deployment feature greatly simplifies the logical complexity and workload of development." Pony said, "In addition, there are many places where you need to learn the underlying coding of communication. Now, by calling the HarmonyOS API, the development time that used to take more than a week can be shortened to one day, and the development efficiency has been significantly improved."

The first version of the "Home and Home" application has been put on the Huawei application market, and their team will cover smart hardware in industries, security and other fields in the future; at the same time, the APP will continue to iterate more and more useful functions. Pony stated that "HarmonyOS's multi-device collaboration, and the concept of a unified operating system for the Internet of Everything is an epoch-making initiative. I believe that in the near future, both users and developers will be able to experience the convenience and benefits of HarmonyOS."

Not long ago, Huawei officially announced that the Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (Together) will be held from October 22nd to October 24th. Faced with this upcoming developer feast, Pony is very much looking forward to it, "I hope to see more Rich HarmonyOS development technology sharing and more complete empowerment measures for developers, our team will continue to pay attention to the news of the conference. At the same time, I also hope that more developers will join the HarmonyOS ecosystem and create more novel and interesting products based on HarmonyOS. Create infinite possibilities together."

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