Android 12 is officially released: the source code has been pushed to the AOSP open source project, and Pixel users will not be able to update until a few weeks


Recently, Google officially released Android 12. It is reported that Google has released the source code for its Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and the new version of Android 12 will be available to Google’s own Pixel phones sometime in the next few weeks, and will also appear in other brands in a few months. On the smartphone.

The biggest innovation of the newly upgraded Android 12 lies in the design. Google launched the so-called "Material You design", the interface as a whole will become more personal and more interesting.

Android 12 redesigned the application widget (widget), which is more beautiful and practical. The new interactive control experience and revised notification design make the overall vision more modern.

At the same time, Android 12 also brings a new splash screen for all applications, adding a new over-scrolling "stretch" effect to all scrolling containers, making the scrolling of application content smoother.

This Android 12 update is a bit "unusual", because according to past experience, the "next major update" of Google's new operating system will be in September each year, but this time it is slightly delayed.

In previous years, whenever Google released a new Android system, it would first consider its own Pixel devices, and then contact other OEMs. However, this time Google released the Android 12 source code for its Android open source project.

The code release of the open source project means that many other OEMs will use the code and start developing custom ROMs based on Android 12. So everyone may also see other OEM updates based on Android 12 in their communities. Original equipment manufacturers such as OPPO and Realme will start using code from open source projects to develop their official Android 12 update.

Therefore, for Google Pixel mobile phone users, the biggest "surprise" is that they need to wait a few more weeks to get the official stable update. In this regard, outsiders speculate that Google is likely to be preparing for the release of the new Pixel 6 series.

According to foreign media reports, it is expected that later this month, Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro two smart or new phones will be used with Android 12 out of the box.

In addition, Android 12 will be carried on third-party devices later this year. Google mentioned that Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Tecno, vivo and Xiaomi smartphones, especially flagship products, are worth looking forward to.

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