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SuperEdge is a distributed edge cloud container management system based on native Kubernetes. It is led by Tencent Cloud and jointly launched by Intel, VMware Wei Rui, Huya, Cambrian, Meituan, Capital Online and other vendors in December 2020. The computing open source project aims to seamlessly extend the powerful container management capabilities of Kubernetes to edge computing and distributed resource management scenarios, empower edge IoT, edge AI, and edge intelligence industries, and promote the Internet of Things and digitalization. Landing. It has become a CNCF Sandbox project and is hosted by the CNCF Foundation.

SuperEdge v0.6.0 version officially released

SuperEdge released the v0.6.0 version on 2021-09-28, see the specific changelog:

After technical discussions in the community, this update focuses on production integration, allowing SuperEdge to truly land in the user’s production environment, adding support for local persistent storage, access to edge IoT devices, servicegroup deployment status and event feedback, and The microservices use framework Tars, the collection of edge application monitoring data, and the demo used by the Tengine AI framework in SuperEdge. The specific content is as follows:

Integrate TopoLVM, support edge local persistent storage

  • Dynamically configure PV: automatically create edge node PV resources when creating PVC objects;
  • Dynamic expansion of storage capacity: editable PVC objects can automatically expand the capacity of PV;
  • Capacity indicator collection: Capacity indicators can be collected from kubelet for storage capacity and read-write monitoring;
  • Extended scheduler storage strategy: TopoLVM extends Kube-scheduler, uses CSI topology function to schedule Pod to the node where the LVM volume is located, and can set storage capacity scheduling strategy;
  • Unified management of local storage resources: multiple physical volume groups can be added to the VolumeGroup, shielding the details of the underlying physical volumes, and uniformly assigning storage resources to Pods;

See the documentation for the use of this function:

Integrate EdgeX Foundry, access edge IoT devices

  • Integrated with the native EdgeX Foundry, you can add on EdgeX Foundry components in the SuperEdge edge cluster with one click to access edge IoT components;
  • Each component of EdgeX Foundry is optional, users can deploy the components they need according to their own needs, and the properties of all components can be customized by users;

See the documentation for the use of this function:

Add ServiceGroup deployment status and event feedback

  • Add the status of ServiceGroup deployment and feedback of failure events to increase the convenience of users to grasp the application status of edge sites and the convenience of operation and maintenance;
  • DeploymentGrid uses the modified template of templateHasher as the creation object to avoid immediate update operations after creation;
  • The event scheme used in Fix ServiceGroup;

Add 3 demos

  • Added an example of deploying Tars on SuperEdge to help users use the Tars development framework on edge sites;
  • Add an example of collecting edge application monitoring data, so that users can access edge application monitoring and better grasp the status of edge applications;
  • Added an example of using Tengine + SuperEdge to deploy edge AI applications across platforms to help users use AI-related frameworks in SuperEdge;

Demo use case documentation:

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