Increase efforts to "strangle" third-party browsers? Microsoft then "boots" Windows 11 users to use Microsoft Edge by default


Recently, foreign media reported that there are many cases that Microsoft is trying to "guide" Windows 11 users to use Microsoft Edge by default by increasing the difficulty of accessing third-party browsers.

According to reports, Microsoft currently does not display third-party browsers in the UI, which may be "pushing" users to the default Microsoft Edge browser, making it possible for Windows 11 users to choose the third-party default browser. It's getting more and more difficult.

In this regard, EdgeDeflector developer Daniel Aleksanderson commented that Windows 11 now directly blocks third-party browsers and blocks microsoft edge:// links. This means that it will take longer to prevent Edge from becoming the default value for operating system-level links. time.

Although Windows did not prevent third parties from registering protocol handlers, it refused to display them in the UI. If the user changes the default setting in the system registry, the setting will also be ignored. Therefore, the user's choice is limited to Edge, Edge beta and Edge dev.

It’s worth noting that Aleksanderson’s observations are based on Windows 11 preview version 22494, which means that Microsoft can make changes before building and leaving the internal program. If it still exists, the user will set the browser default settings under certain tasks. There will be fewer options:

"In the end, users have no choice but to manually change each file type. The computer I am using is also running Windows 10 21H2 (19044.1348), and I can still use the EdgeDeflector of the microsoft edge:// protocol, which is mandatory The operating system-level web link is opened in the default browser."

In fact, as early as August, there were media reports that “Microsoft controversially hid the process of switching the default browser on Windows 11 behind a more complicated system.”

(Before hiding, the original default browser is Edge. If users want to switch, they need to click on the browser they want to change and check "Always use this app".)

In this way, users will have a chance to see them before the browser on Windows 11 is hidden. Just like when you open a web link or install a new browser for the first time, Windows 10 will give you a chance to choose the default value.

But now, third-party browsers may "disappear" directly in the switched UI interface. In other words, Microsoft is "forcing" users to set default values for each link type or file, and you have to deal with each format such as HTML, PDF, SVG, HTTPS, rather than universal switching.

Regarding Microsoft's approach, there are reports that many people in the industry are also speculating on whether rival companies such as Mozilla will stand up and launch anti-competitive measures against Microsoft.

Because before that, Mozilla has customized code specifically for Windows systems (when using the microsoft-edge protocol, Firefox can be launched for the default browser user of Firefox). But now, Microsoft's changes to Windows 11 make it more difficult for users to access third-party browsers.

Regarding Microsoft's current approach, Mozilla said that this has "breaked through the restrictions", users should have the right to choose, should be simple and easy to set the default value, the user's choice of the default browser should be respected.

So, regarding the final statement on the difficulty of choosing the default browser for Microsoft Windows 11, we have to wait for the official announcement to the public sometime next year, which is 2022, and hope that there will be good news.

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