Some things you must know when learning C language: Never try any Unix ported compiler in windows clion


Never try the cygwin compiler windows clion
Never try the mingw compiler windows clion

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Common C language compilers are:

  • MSVS under Windows platform
  • GCC for Linux platform
  • Clang for Mac

But most of the CS students use the windows computer, and some learn C language . At this time, if you choose Microsoft Visual Studio as the development IDE , you will not have the trouble of choosing a compiler, because you will use its own MSVC translater.

But in many cases, the textbooks or the content taught by the teacher will follow the standard ANSI C . If you use MSVC it is not a good idea to use 061960f1279bc0.

Why do you say that?
First of all, because Visual Studio IDE, it will give you a warning that it is not safe and so on. On the basis of ANSI C, Microsoft has expanded a lot of its own and Windows-specific content.
In addition, MSVC is attached to the Visual Studio IDE. Without this IDE, MSVC cannot be used. At this time, you need to find a compiler that has nothing to do with the editor.

This time we will tend sights such as cygwin , mingw and other gcc of windows portable version.

If the screen in front of you should have used Dev C ++ , Cfree this type of IDE, they can in order to compile the C code in windows platform execution exe executable file, it uses from Linux class porting platform over GCC compilation Device- cygwin , mingw etc.

But such a transplanted version may not run well on windows, and there are often various problems.

For details about what problems will be encountered, please refer to: The most complete and strongest solution to clion mingw64 Chinese garbled problem in

The end of the article: What IDE should I use to learn c language?
My answer is Clion + wsl :

  • clion is a very good modern C/C++ integrated development environment, produced by jetbrains.
  • WSL is a Linux subsystem running on windows, in which a complete and native GCC package can be installed.

We can clion installed in windows , and then let clion call wsl in gcc compiler to compile stored in windows on c code exe file

For details, please refer to: beginners in C language, what software should I use to practice programming?

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