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The annual technology event 2021 Google Developers Conference meet you online on November 16th as scheduled. With the "Develop as One" , heavy keynote speeches and over 900 minutes of technical dry goods are now available.

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Today, when Chinese developers and entrepreneurs shine on the world stage, Google invites many important industry partners to conduct more in-depth exchanges and discussions around the theme of "Develop as One" in the form of online communication forums. At the meeting, partners discussed the successful experience of technology-enabling ecology and cohesive global expansion. Google was also fortunate to provide developers with comprehensive support and services from all dimensions to help partners grow and build a global technology ecosystem.

In the section of "The Way to Go Global by Google and Pan-Industry Partners-Growth, Innovation and the Future", technology partners from all walks of life and at different stages of development will join the Google Play business development leaders to talk about the company’s global presence In the market, how to continuously create outstanding products for today and the future, and seek growth and innovation.

Wu Zengzheng, general manager of the overseas business department of Kingsoft Office, said that Kingsoft Office has gained the love and support of many overseas users. In the past ten years, Kingsoft Office has been committed to upgrading the office scene. Whether domestic or overseas, users are pursuing easy-to-use products and value upgrades. From overseas market strategies, Google Play distribution, to product optimization and commercial operations, they all have close cooperation with Google. The performance insights provided by Google’s periodic meetings help Kingsoft Office to improve product experience in multiple dimensions, promote user growth and further operational optimization.

Chen Shanshan, head of overseas business of China Reading Group, shared that as of the previous day, Reading has authorized physical book and digital publishing to the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and other countries and regions. The authorization involves 7 languages and more than 700 authorized works. Currently overseas There are more than 100,000 authors, and more than 200,000 original overseas works have been published. From the perspective of the development stage of online literature, China Reading Group started from the Chinese market and expanded to a broader overseas market. With the support of Google, the business model has also made targeted adjustments in the overseas market, and its development is getting faster and faster. . For example, Reading uses the Freemium function of Google Play to innovate its business model-that is, users first watch the content and then pay to promote it, replacing the previous mainstream Premium in the overseas market, which is to pay first and then get the content, which better meets overseas content. The needs of users. The mission of Wenwen is to "make good stories endless." Chen Shanshan believes that the current overseas market is still in the early stage of accumulation of traffic and stories, and hopes that more good stories will be discovered in the future.

As a global IoT development platform, Tuya Smart has continued to grow rapidly in the past two years. Tuya Smart Co-founder and COO Yang Yi shared that as one of Google’s first authorized solution providers, Tuya Smart has helped many cooperative customers complete product intelligence by using Google Assistant’s advantages in search and machine learning, and successfully developed The global voice market. In the future, Tuya Smart hopes to work with Google to empower end users of the Internet of Things with technology, and to join hands with more developers to continue to build a prosperous global ecosystem of the Internet of Things.

In the discussion with the guests, Zhao Yijiang, the head of business development for Google Play in Mainland China, said: "Google firmly believes that through technology and ecological empowerment, we will continue to work with partners from all walks of life to build a developer ecosystem and achieve growth. And innovation, Develop as One".

*嘉宾远程连线: Google Play 中国大陆地区商业拓展负责人赵伊江、金山办公海外事业部总经理吴增谂、涂鸦智能联合创始人兼 COO 杨懿、阅文集团海外业务负责人陈珊珊 (从左到右,从上至下)*

Guests remotely connect: Zhao Yijiang, head of business development in Mainland China of Google Play, Wu Zengzhen, general manager of overseas business department of Kingsoft Office, Yang Yi, co-founder and COO of Tuya Smart, and Chen Shanshan, head of overseas business of China Reading Group (from left to right) , From top to bottom)

Subsequently, Meng Hao, vice president of the mobile application industry of Google's China Key Account Department, released and shared in-depth the "Google 2021 Mobile Application Globalization Guide". "Google 2021 Mobile Application Globalization Guide" is a report on China's mobile application globalization industry jointly launched by Google, Roland Berger and Grand Capital. This guide aims to provide the latest analysis of vertical opportunities, application operations, growth, and commercialization strategies, as well as a wealth of mobile application globalization cases to help mobile applications go global.

Meng Hao introduced: "In the past ten years, relying on the advantages of technology and talents, Chinese developers have made considerable progress in the process of globalization, and their products have been recognized by more and more global users. The exploration of globalization of Chinese applications After going through three stages, a path to stable growth has been gradually explored. From a macro perspective, the global mobile application market still has significant room for development in the future. In 2011, tools came first, and the number of downloads of Chinese applications in the world rose rapidly; more than 2016 Spots bloom, and the monetization model has gradually run through; since 2019, it has entered the segmentation leadership, and the segmented vertical category has appeared in the global Top 10 phenomenon-level applications. In the past few years, Google has been fortunate to help many partners in various industries and at different stages of development. In the process of globalization, we have achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1 and growth from 1 to 100. We hope that through the "Google 2021 Mobile Application Globalization Guide", we can provide Chinese developers and enterprises committed to overseas expansion with the latest vertical Analysis of similar opportunities, application operations, growth, and commercialization strategies, as well as a wealth of mobile application globalization cases, will help more mobile applications enter the global market."

Google has always been committed to promoting DEI (diversity, equality and inclusiveness). During the exchange activities, local developers and Google shared how DEI empowers the industry, developers and users to build a diversified ecosystem.

In the sharing session of "Embracing Diversified Players, Deepening Global Going to Sea", Google Play Greater China game strategy leader Tiff Tang and Habby's overseas business development director Srikant Varadaraj, and IGG's "Time and Space Princess" planner Li Mao conducted in-depth on-site exchanges.

Based on actual industry experience, the three shared how game companies continue to shape the image of inclusive multiculturalism and spread positive energy by paying attention to the DEI dimension in game products and distribution strategies, so as to improve content planning, graphic experience, team structure, etc. In practice, DEI accumulates and effectively enhances international competitiveness for the company and brand.


"Embrace Diversified Players, Deepen Global

In the session of "Technology Changing the "View", Mr. Wu Yiming, a senior information accessibility engineer from Liandi Information Accessibility Company, and a developer facing disability challenges, introduced how they applied Google technology to create better High-quality products meet the diverse barrier-free needs of users and enhance user experience. According to third-party data, more than 15% of the world’s population is facing disability challenges, and more than 200 million people in China have accessibility needs. In this regard, Google’s accessibility engineer Zhong Yu said: "Accessibility technology not only embodies humanistic care, but also truly Change the lives of users. Google supports more developers to optimize the product by providing barrier-free Codelabs and related API documents. This is a very meaningful thing. I hope everyone can use the Internet and enjoy the benefits of the Internet. We are committed to making this vision a reality, and we hope to work hard with everyone!"

In the session with the theme "Building a Diversified, Equal and Inclusive Workplace Environment Together", Google Strategic Account Manager Zhang Yan and Google Greater China Market Research Manager Zhang Yunwei shared a number of promotion "diversity" carried out by Google employees within the company. Equality and tolerance" community activities. For example, Google initiated the Disability Alliance, which aims to help people with disabilities in society obtain a clearer career development plan and promote a more integrated working environment; the #IamRemarkable project aims to empower everyone to better identify themselves and speak loudly Speaking of their achievements, the project has affected 250,000 people and 800 companies or organizations.

In addition, Shen Qiang, the head of Google Developer Relations China, together with Ma Ping, product manager of Ctrip, Ye Nan, mobile architect of Orange China Lab, and Tang Songlong, general manager of Open Source Technology, discussed how to better work together with the community in the future. Build an ecosystem and help developers. Shen Qiang said that there are currently 36 Google Developer Experts (GDE) in the Google Developer Community (GDG) in 27 cities across the country, and more than 100 events are held each year to interact with hundreds of thousands of developers in various ways to improve The understanding of advanced technology improves the professional skills of developers and the economic contribution of enterprises.

Ma Ping shared that the meaning of the developer community is to build and share together, and that developers can learn, communicate, and grow together is the goal of everyone's unanimous efforts. Ye Nan is a new Google developer expert. Although Google developer experts have different fields and majors, they all hope to help developers grow and help their companies succeed. As a practitioner in the open source industry, Tang Songlong, from the perspective of community volunteers, hopes to use GDG to let more developers and enterprises understand and use Google's open source technology, and use open source technology to help enterprises improve their core technical capabilities.

"China is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing developer markets. It is a great honor for us to work with local start-ups and industry giants to create excellent products." Jason Titus, Google's vice president of global developer relations, said The event said: "We are committed to supporting developers to help them build outstanding products for today and the future. Whether it is using Android 12 to develop large-screen applications, using TensorFlow to deploy machine learning models, or using ARCore to build a new augmented reality Experience, we all hope that developers can promote development with confidence and coordination." In this regard, Lu Yunsheng, general manager of Google’s Beijing R&D Center, concluded in the exchange event: "The rise of China’s digital economy is inseparable from our Chinese developers. The theme of the Google Developers Conference is Develop as One, which expresses Google’s desire to bring developers together, create opportunities and seek common development, and continue to enrich diversified technology products and platforms, and join hands with Chinese developers and companies to build a beautiful community. determination."

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Android 最新开发技术更新,包括 Kotlin、Android Studio、Jetpack 和 Android 最新系统技术特性分享。...

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