The PHP Foundation is a good thing (PHP Foundation)

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The following paragraph comes from a PHP/Laravel community post: blog: The main PHP development is no longer involved in maintenance due to the pressure of life, the PHP Foundation accelerates the establishment of

On November 23, 2021, the main PHP development Nikita Popov announced that will no longer participate in the main maintenance of PHP, and will gradually fade out from the end of the month. It is said that Nikita Popov has been involved in the development of PHP since he was still in high school. It was in 2011, and it has been 10 years since he has contributed a lot to PHP.

One of the reasons behind this decision is that one of the main contributors, Nikita Popov, decided to shift his focus from PHP to LLVM. Nikita Popov started working on PHP in 2011 and has been working on PHP at JetBrains for nearly three years. He has made significant contributions to the three major versions there-PHP 7.4, PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1.

Nikita Popov did not clearly state the reason for leaving, it can be understood from the relevant information that this should be due to the pressure of life, because everyone knows that there is no income from maintaining PHP open source projects.

However, the PHP community announced the establishment of the PHP Foundation. For details, see The New Life of PHP-The PHP Foundation . The foundation is seeking for maintainers who can continue to maintain PHP so that it can develop in a healthy way.

In fact, the PHP Foundation has been discussed for a long time, but for some reason, it failed to move forward. The departure of Nikita Popov prompted this almost forgotten agenda to be hurriedly implemented. In order to find a successor as soon as possible and stop the tragedy from happening, the foundation has initiated sponsorship opencollective.com/phpfoundation

personal idea

In the past two days, the "PHP Foundation" in the community has been screened.

Regardless of whether the reason for Nikita's departure is true or false, PHP project developers should have some financial feedback. Open source is not easy. After ten years of development work, I saw too many excellent projects along the way and finally gave up maintenance because of the embarrassment in real life. Dreams are beautiful and life is cruel.

As an open source software, PHP currently does not belong to any commercial organization, and is running as a public welfare project. If things go on like this, there are still many drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that there will be no stable developers.

So the "PHP Foundation" is a great thing.

Small request

LearnKu has the largest PHP forum in China ( Google search ranks first ) and Laravel forum ( Google search ranks first ). As the webmaster of LearnKu.com, I think it is my mission to promote this matter. On the other hand, as a PHP practitioner, I have been blessed by PHP for many years, and I can also be regarded as relying on PHP to support my family. I have always been grateful to PHP developers.

I have a small request here. I hope that friends who see this information can spread the matter.

Let more people know, and most importantly, let more companies and commercial organizations that benefit from PHP know . After all, personal donations are relatively limited, and most of them are one-off donations. Long-term and stable donations (using monthly donation channels) from commercial organizations are the long-term solution:


PHP 基金会是个好事 (PHP Foundation)

Donated link

For donations, please go to: opencollective.com/phpfoundation

platform currently supports credit cards and Paypal. Unfortunately, it does not currently support popular domestic payment channels.

Friends who can’t donate, don’t be frustrated, like me so that more people can see it. Or share this link to a group, a circle of friends, or write your own blog post or subscription number article to help promote this matter.

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