The first in China! Tencent Cloud officially became a top member of the FinOps Foundation


On November 24, Tencent Cloud officially announced its membership in the FinOps Foundation. As the first top member of the FinOps Foundation in China, Tencent Cloud will work with the FinOps Foundation to comprehensively promote contributions to FinOps standards and best practices, and provide enterprises with cloud financial management. The best solution.

"As a leader in cloud native technology and applications in China, Tencent Cloud has the largest Kubernetes cluster in China. We are very looking forward to cooperating with Tencent Cloud to help enterprises and organizations effectively manage cloud usage costs and maximize the commercial value of cloud. , With the help of Tencent Cloud’s professional capabilities in the FinOps community, we will further promote the sustainable development of cloud and FinOps in China.” said Mike Fuller of the FinOps Foundation.

The FinOps Foundation is affiliated to the Linux Foundation and is committed to improving the capabilities of cloud financial management practitioners in enterprises through best practices, training, and standard setting. FinOps is short for "cloud financial management", and its core is to ensure that every penny that an enterprise spends in the cloud gets the maximum value. FinOps aims to improve the organization's ability to understand cloud costs and make business trade-offs through the combination of cloud platforms, best practices, and culture. FinOps optimizes cloud costs by bringing together technical, business, and financial professionals with a set of new processes to improve the input-output ratio of cloud services.

Currently, more and more companies are embracing cloud computing, but as more and more businesses migrate to the cloud, the problem of cloud resource waste has become more and more obvious. In response to problems such as unreasonable resource allocation strategy settings and inflexible metering methods, Tencent Cloud helps enterprises efficiently manage, optimize and use cloud-native services to help enterprises digitally upgrade while minimizing the cost of enterprise cloud use.

The Tencent Cloud native team serves Tencent internal and external customers, optimizes cloud resources for massive applications, has accumulated a lot of experience, and formulated a series of resource optimization standards and best practice guidelines. Within Tencent, the team developed a cloud-native maturity evaluation model, combined with cloud-native technologies such as flexibility and hybridization to transform the business. Under the premise of ensuring business stability, the team finally achieved the goal of resource utilization of 70%; At the level, Tencent Cloud has launched the cloud-native cost management product "Cost Master" to assist companies in better cost management from three levels of cost insight, cost optimization, and cost operation, and help multiple companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Zou Hui, General Manager of Tencent Cloud Container Products, said: "Kubernetes is the core of the cloud native technology stack. Tencent Cloud Native has entered a very mature stage after years of technology accumulation and many complex internal and external business tests of Tencent. TKE currently has the largest scale in China. Kubernetes cluster and the best Kubernetes cost optimization practice in the industry; TKE currently runs 9 million+ Pods and manages tens of millions of CPU cores; at the same time, we have applied cost optimization technology in Tencent’s internal core business on a large scale, and CPU utilization It has increased by up to 300%, and GPU utilization has increased by up to 230%, greatly improving the efficiency of digital transformation of the business."

Taking a typical customer of Tencent Cloud as an example, after JobBang adopted cost optimization technologies such as flexibility and full-structure hybrid department, the cost was reduced by 43%, and the stability increased to 99.995%, which effectively supported the rapid iteration of JobBang business; Xiaohongshu At present, 80% of the business is running on Tencent Cloud. After a series of cloud-native cost optimization methods, the cost has dropped significantly. For example, the cost of AI training and recommendation scenarios has dropped by 40%.

Recently, based on the best practices of internal and external cloud native cost management, combined with industry excellent cases, Tencent and the Institute of Information and Communications Technology jointly proposed a set of systematic cloud native cost management methodology and best practice path-"The Source of Cost Reduction-Cloud Native Cost Management" The White Paper aims to help companies improve the cost of cloud use, give full play to the effectiveness and value of cloud native, and provide theoretical and high-quality case references for the digital transformation of various industries and the efficient use of cloud resources.

It is worth mentioning that Shan Zhihao, chairman of Tencent Open Source Alliance, and Meng Fanjie, an expert engineer of Tencent Cloud, have joined the Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the FinOps Foundation, respectively. Tencent Cloud will participate in the standards surrounding cloud financial management best practices Formulate. In addition, the Tencent Cloud team is exploring to make more contributions to the community through best practices, research and analysis, and developer community working groups. Based on the outstanding technical advantages and rich service experience of Tencent Cloud, it will bring more solution ideas to the community and provide more assistance for the full implementation of the FinOps Foundation's mission.

Yang Lingling, Director of the Governance and Audit Department of the Yunda Institute of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and the executive vice chairman of the FinOps industry promotion phalanx, said: "First of all, congratulations to Tencent for becoming the first official member of the FinOps Foundation in China. The proposal of FinOps is in response to customer pain points and needs. In response, the Institute of Information and Communications Technology also actively deployed the FinOps industry ecology a year ago and initiated the establishment of the FinOps industry promotion phalanx. We can feel that domestic demand is being released and expanded. Institutions from all walks of life in the industry jointly contribute to cultivating the domestic industrial ecology and promoting industrial development."

Liu Ying, vice president of Tencent Cloud, said: “We are very happy to participate in the FinOps Foundation’s exploration of cloud financial management best practices. FinOps and our Tencent Cloud’s customer-centric philosophy are consistent. Practice and continue to contribute to the foundation while creating more value for customers."

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