Microsoft "crudely" deleted WSATools. Follow-up: "Apologize" and restored WSATools, but the reason for deletion was "justified"


According to hitechglitz reports, Microsoft "crudes" the application created by an Italian developer Simone Franco-WSATools from the Microsoft Store a few days ago. But now, the incident has a follow-up-Microsoft has already expressed an "apology" for the matter and restored the WSATools, but emphasized that the reason for deleting the WSATools is "justified."

It is understood that WSATools is an APK installer for the Android subsystem of Windows 11. It can easily load the APK onto the Microsoft emulator.

APK (Android application package) Android application package is an application package file format used by the Android operating system to distribute and install mobile applications and middleware.

We know that if the code of an Android application wants to run on an Android device, it must be compiled and packaged into a file that can be recognized by the Android system before it can run. This file format can be recognized and run by the Android system. It is "APK".

Currently, Windows 11 only provides 50 related applications through the Amazon App Store, but theoretically it can support any application that does not require Google Play service support.

At the beginning of the article, the Italian developer named Simone Franco created such a Microsoft Store application WSATools, which can be realized by double-clicking the APK, which is very simple and practical. Its WSATools has the following description:

  • An easy-to-use APK installer for the Windows Subsystem for Android™.
  • WSATools is a simple APK installer for the Windows 11 subsystem of Android. Its design is very intuitive and makes users feel at home.

But now, the WSATools application has been deleted from the Microsoft Store, Franco emphasized that it was not his work, it was Microsoft (not me) that "blocked" the application, so this application is no longer available.

On November 10, Franco posted a "questioning" statement on Twitter, stating that Microsoft had not notified the app which rule was violated. He said, "I don't know if this is intentional or what the reason is. I haven't received any e-mail with an explanation." "If anyone can help, I would be very grateful." "I hope enough Attention, this problem can be resolved".

Subsequently, the tweet also immediately aroused heated discussion among some netizens. In response to comments from netizens, Franco replied, "If they (Microsoft) really give me an explanation, I will be fine. I have many other solutions to distribute my App."

Microsoft "apologized" and restored WSATools: it was "justified" to delete it

Regarding the hot discussion caused by the deletion of WSATools, the latest report says that Microsoft has also apologized to the Italian developer Simone Franco.

On November 13, Franco tweeted excitedly announcing the news of Microsoft's "apology" and Microsoft's reasons and suggestions on the matter.

In the article, Franco stated that “Microsoft just wrote me a very satisfactory email with all the reasons why WSATools was deleted.” “The email contains clear suggestions and how to easily solve these problems and make the application obtain Approval:) Great! Thank you".

It is reported that Microsoft has restored the WSATools while "apologizing", but emphasized that it is very "justified" to delete it, and attached some reasons and suggestions:

  • WSATools privately released the application to the Microsoft Store without passing the Microsoft certification check process (it was subsequently deleted by the automatic certification checker in the update of WSATools 0.1.56 version.)
  • Microsoft requires that the applications listed must be suitable for most users, while WSATools is a software that most other ordinary users and users outside the United States cannot use.
  • The naming problem of "WSATools" program: As WSA is the abbreviation of Microsoft's official Windows Subsystem for Android, the naming of WSATools can easily cause misunderstanding by users.

According to the report, Microsoft found itself in chaos a few days ago because it has removed WSATools from the Microsoft Store.

Obviously, Microsoft deleted the WSATools software of the developer Simone Franco with "zero explanation" because the emails sent by the company at that time were rather "plain". But Franco is not someone who gives up easily and insists on getting answers.

In the end, this also brought a good result for both parties-the WSATools application is now back on the Microsoft Store plus, and Microsoft also has a second chance to explain the removal of the tool for "legitimate" reasons.

In this regard, Franco said that the new email sent by Microsoft is helpful for his application to be publicly available in the Microsoft Store, but the application is now hidden and can only be accessed through the link of WSATools.

WSATools link:

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