Prepare for the Blue Bridge Cup, you can prepare like this

Hello everyone, I am a big game (not a plug). I haven't seen it for a long time and I really miss it.

During this period of time, some students asked me if I had some suggestions for participating in the Blue Bridge Cup. I also gave my thoughts and opinions. Of course, there are different opinions on the Blue Bridge Cup on the Internet. I will share with you both the purpose of college students participating in the competition and the preparation for the Blue Bridge Cup.

The purpose of the competition

When we register for a competition, you have to be clear about the purpose of your registration. Only with purpose can you have the motivation to become better and achieve higher.

through competition-driven learning : Improve your vision, programming ability, and algorithm level by participating in competitions. When many people sign up, they are Xiaobai’s starting point for a little bit of exploration. They continue to learn and improve during the preparation phase of the competition. The process has brought me great growth, which is also the biggest significance of participating in the competition.

Contest bonus points : Participate in some competitions with higher gold content, and give some people extra points for research and awards and evaluation. Let me say a little bit more here. The competitions recognized by each school are different from the level of the competition. Some competitions and even schools that have some connections with the school will forcibly endorse them (such as a certain at, a certain cf). If you want to add points, it is recommended to participate in the school’s recognition first. the match of. Also some new game but more water some schools will give extra points, the games must not easily let go!

Competitive prizes or bonuses : Some competitions will have some attractive prizes or bonuses. Now, various companies and organizations want to carry forward their own reputation, they will create some competitions to attract people to participate, and there may be quite good bonuses (most of these are some competitions led by large companies), and their competitiveness is relatively low. So big, some companies will also give participants some one-year VIPs or cloud servers and the like (cheer white piao). If you or a small partner around you are interested, you can take advantage of the opportunity to participate (the technology can be general, but must have a meeting blow would say junior partner), to show you are strong and PPT presentation capabilities come.


for work : In order to get a better competition result, you can add it to your resume. Many people will not participate in the competition because of the water in the competition in the early stage, but when they write their resumes, the honors are bare, and they can only force some of them ( can't even get them together ). If your academic qualifications are not dominant, you can find other places in your resume. It's not too pretty, it's really easy to be passed. Although there are only a few recognized competitions (ICPC, CCPC, mathematical modeling, Internet+, etc.), ordinary people of those competitions may not even have the opportunity to participate. If you have a great honor, you can package yourself Then you can not participate in the more watery competitions, but if you don't have any competition honors, I still recommend you to participate in some polishes and your resume will not look too embarrassing, haha 😛.


detects one's own learning situation : Participate in some competitions to see how one's learning situation is, this type is generally more Buddhist.

In general, through participating in the competition, most of them are able to bring themselves all-round, wide-ranging, and multi-level improvement. A good harvest is a good harvest, but no matter what you participate in, you should calm down, if your results are not good. Come back next time with a calm mind, it's all about experiencing the learning process.

However, there are many types of competitions now, so don’t just sign up directly. Some registration fees are expensive but the recognition is very general or the direction is very time-consuming (the competitions of many companies may require the use of some self-developed products, which may be more time-consuming) Consider carefully.

When you understand this, for most people, the Blue Bridge Cup can actually hit the above points. The current situation in this competition is:

It's not very top-notch, but it's not particularly bad. It's a good competition. It has a wide audience from colleges and universities of all levels (from top 985 to junior colleges), which is more suitable for ordinary people.

You should prepare like this

Team to learn : Learning data structure and algorithms is a painful and boring thing for most people. It is also difficult to achieve persistence and self-discipline. There are two or three teammates (not recommended too much) to learn together and together Brushing questions, learning to brush questions can encourage and urge each other. Another point is that there may be a lot of ups and downs on the way of studying and writing questions. Everyone may be stuck and don’t understand differently. When you are stuck, you ask a stranger a question, he may not Explain to you more than three times, but your teammates will follow your train of thought to correct you and tell you 10 times. Of course, if the school has a competition and brushing club, you can also participate, and there are many seniors who will help with answers and training.


Systematic brushing : If you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. Blind brushing can easily bring a lot of frustration to yourself. Before brushing the questions, you can arrange a set of learning and brushing routes for yourself. Start with simple topics, and then slowly deepen. This order can refer to the ACM (now called ICPC, CCPC) shared by someone on the Internet) to brush some questions. For example, you can start with a+b, simple input and output, and then simple math problems, hash, string, greedy, dynamic programming, search, graph theory, number theory, etc. (tree array, line segment tree, union search, Fast power, game, computational geometry, simulation) one topic, one topic breakthrough.


Focus on the key points and allocate time reasonably : The algorithm is endless, and the system is very large. Some data structures or algorithms are difficult and the learning cost is very high (number theory, geometric mathematics, etc.). The frequency of occurrence is very, very low and long-term Contacts are easy to forget. For most developers or non-ACM players, it is not recommended to knock on these algorithms for too long. You may have many other things to do. It is recommended to solidly consolidate and brush more high-frequency and key points. Data structures and algorithms, participating in the Blue Bridge Cup competition, interviews, and computer tests can achieve very good results. (Students who have the ability can study and expand by themselves).


Participate in more online competition experience: has the opportunity to participate in more online algorithm competitions, experience and familiarize yourself with the competition process, and measure your own situation and deficiencies. For example, you can experience some competitions of Niuke and Codeforce, and some schools open their own school algorithm competitions to participate in competitions in major OJs or communities, so that you can become a veteran driver and have more competition experience.


most important point (persevere) insist on brushing questions, expand the amount of brushing questions, and brushing more, there will be fewer problems. In the early stage of development, you should study the questions steadily and expand the amount of questions. If you feel that you have a problem, the probability is that the amount of questions is not enough. In the mid-term, look for more methods, more generalizations, and a small system of concepts for what you have learned and brushed. Keep going, and you will be invincible in the later stage!


Tips to share

before the competition : Pay attention to the year test questions , and find the high-frequency problems that are easy to test in the Blue Bridge Cup competition, such as date interval calculation problems, string matching algorithms, common dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, search, etc., often Appears on the exam paper. You record all the content of the examination questions in recent years, sorted by frequency, and you immediately know which part you need to strengthen. It is recommended to understand the past test questions, and you can also find some test questions to explain courses. Don't worry too much now. There are many sub-questions above. These sub-questions are very similar in recent years, such as prime numbers, composite numbers, time and date, and simple number theory. You must win!

Practice system home page :

link :


competition time : Reasonably arrange the time, the Blue Bridge Cup competition is 4 hours, the questions are easy first and then difficult, and the amount of code and logic are complicated. Fill-in-the-blank questions as long as the answer and the code can run out (within the allowed range of the rules, some are familiar with excel to solve the problem with excel). For programming questions, choose your own method according to the data range. Some algorithms that can pass all test cases. If not, you can look at the test case range and use some search, enumeration and other methods to prun as many points as possible. There is also that I don’t know if my code is really correct during the Blue Bridge OI competition. In addition to the test cases provided by the title, it is necessary to prepare some test examples for verification.

competition: down, if the result is not ideal, don't be discouraged, stick to the questions and come back next time.

When I participated in the Blue Bridge Cup for the first time undergraduate, although I was shortlisted for the national competition, teacher J from school took a group of 23 people to the Beijing North University of Technology test center. That was the first time I went to Beijing and the only time I went temporarily. Beijing, at that time, the level was in the middle level, but I didn’t get the award for excellence at the time (I didn’t get the award for 23 people in the group). When I came back, I still felt embarrassed. Just keep pace.

But this does not prevent this competition from taking the country one to break through (of course, luck is better, so luck is also very important).

Concluding remarks

Up to this point, the sharing of this article is almost the same. As for the questions of whether to admit it, the gold content, and whether it is worth participating, I think it is meaningless to always entangle these questions. The annual fee is acceptable, and some comrades have 4 Hourly games always feel like it will take him months to nail it.

There is a lot of time. Lower-grade students can take part in a serious preparation to learn, and it’s not a loss to spend time studying the algorithm. If there is not much time in the upper-grade, then take advantage of the opportunity to participate.

Some students will ask blue bridge brush cup brush with buckle force any difference, ah I think the purpose is to brush force buckle written interview clearance, more attention simple, mid-range problem of efficient solution . The simple mid-range question of the Blue Bridge Cup is to decide whether you can win a good award. If you want to break through to the top, you must master some difficult problems. In this regard, those who brush the power button may not be able to touch or touch this kind of There are relatively few questions, but if you are about to get a job, I still recommend you to use the force button. By the way, it is good to participate in the Blue Bridge Cup. After all, the algorithm is common in many major aspects.

Some friends asked me if I have some learning resources for the Blue Bridge Cup. I said this slag slag although I haven’t read it, I have spent dozens of tens of G of learning materials in a certain treasure. In addition to the Blue Bridge Cup, there are some good algorithm learning resources. I will share them with you here. You can reply to [161a836c1b4cca Blue Bridge Cup bigsai [061a836c1b4cc0] to receive it by


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