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Hello, I am Qiufeng.

Recently, I have watched the year-end summary of many people. What I admire is not their ability to summarize but their persistence. For example, why brother persisted for 9 years and Tang Ren persisted for 10 years. So I also decided to start recording my every year. This year is the first year of summary. Although the results achieved are relatively weak compared to others, I still try my best to record this year.


A lot of things happened this year, from one person life to two people life (have a lovely girlfriend), and then two new members in the family-coal boss, Xiaobao.

I used a handbook to record the stories we met and fell in love with.



Following last year’s Switch, there are two more game consoles Oculus Quest2 and PS5 this year.


Some fun games currently played on Oculus: Lightsaber Rhythm, SuperHot VR, Ping Pong

PS5 is still in the experience, I only played its own handle game.


1. Data




For 2020, the number of commits this year has doubled compared to last year. The main reason is that a project was maintained. Looking at the annual submission records of my github, I found that as long as a project is maintained, the number of commits will definitely not be small. This also shows that if you want to fill up your github, it is a good way to maintain a project continuously. Maybe everyone will find it harder to persist. In fact, you can force yourself to record a Todo. You must submit a commit every two days (regardless of the quality of the commit) and wait for you to persist for a month or longer. Naturally, you will be installed in a diligent state. The more and more similar, the ability will gradually improve.



Zhihu can be said to synchronize articles with the fate, but I did not expect that as of this year, I have broken through 100w reading. It may be the highest reading on my entire platform. It is true and unintentional, but I can't be complacent, and I need to treat it well next.



The Nuggets are actually the same as last year, there is no special change, but it looks like they can't find last year's record. In fact, the data should have been better, but under the new version of the recommendation mechanism, writing articles has become more and more difficult. Therefore, it has not been updated on the Nuggets after July. The current key articles are synchronized WeChat public accounts and Zhihu.

2. Summary

2.1 I have an independent product of my own-Muji CV


This year more fun that a product finally did own up, and has helped thousands of friends, the cumulative export 20000 multiple copies of your resume , on github harvest 1.1k Star . (Thank you Nanxi hard work in promoting and developing the platform, and I hope Nanxi students will continue their efforts in 2022)

The major search engines can also be searched, and they are recommended by many bigwigs without promotion, such as Ruan Yifeng Weekly, Hello Github, Fun GitHub, Phoenix, Java Guide, Mu Ziqi, EatmyMark and other bloggers. (In alphabetical order) are also grateful if Chuan and CelesteWang daily recommended!

As the number of users increases, maintains this product and it alive (find the point of profit but not destroy the user relationship) is a proposition that I must think about. After all, if a product wants to live long-term, a stable team and funds are very important, not only for the platform, but also for the users. Users need to trust you. They are willing to be on your platform instead of other receipts. They must trust a team.

This point is summarized in Future of Svelte, Rust Compiler?" Building large-scale applications?" this article, I feel very deeply. Since I did not have a deep understanding of this point before, I have already made a mistake once, that is, my previous open source project-webchat (an open source project I wrote when I was a junior). In fact, many of my friends on the official account are owned by me. The works are gathered together, you can briefly look at the life cycle of this work

2017.5 webchat v1 released

2017.9 wechat v2 released

2019.5 webchat v2.2 released

2020.3 wechat v3 beta released

2020.5 wechat stop maintenance

The reason for stopping maintenance is the same as that of many products. There is no financial support, the daily server overhead and maintenance iteration work make me exhausted. What I want to do now is not to let Mu Ji's resume disappear. I hope that in the new year I can find a new operating model and survive well. By the way, if you/friends around you need to write resumes, you can recommend them to them. "Wood and resume" ~

-34 original articles

The number of fans of the official account has risen from 3k at the beginning of the year to 9.6k. Compared with my previous fan base, it can be said that it has increased by 220%, but for other bigwigs, the rate of increase is very slow. To be honest, there were not enough articles produced this year, and it was inseparable from the fact that I did too many things in my spare time at the same time. Maintaining wood and resumes, learning Three.js, writing official accounts, designing, and often doing research on some novel gadgets, these things cause my spare time to be scattered. In the new year, I want to try to write the knowledge I am learning into the official account, instead of blindly posting what I think is in-depth and interesting. It is also a good thing to record the learning process.

9618 friends who are still with me till now.


2.3 Learned some design skills-more than 100 posters

Because of the operation of the official account, I really want to have some different features, so I have more time to draw on the cover. Selected parts for display:



But before they were all designed with online PS, many pictures could not be saved in the cloud. Since I used design , I found that a new world was opened. Every day, the white prostitution storage space was designed on the cover of the official account.


After learning some design skills, design is really interesting. It is everyone's nature to love beauty. Not only that, but also made some poster pictures, and made an imitating apple-like color block using the diffuse light gradient.


To explain, I am actually a color weak 😅 In this way, I still try to design. So as long as you stick to it, nothing is impossible. If you like something, go ahead and try it!


This year I played a lot of tricks, learned a set of workflows of Svelte + Vite + tailwind.css, and also learned a series of cool technologies such as Aframe, Three.js, WebXR, and launched a few VR scenes.


In addition to software, I also played with a lot of hardware, bluetooth sensor, 360 camera, and wrote my own interface according to the unified protocol.

This year acts as a product and as a technology, allowing me to think about the entire product from different angles. Sometimes this function is very necessary from a product point of view, but from a technical point of view, it is very troublesome to implement and I don't want to deal with it. In order to achieve a state of moderation, I often play games with myself. But the experience is indeed a good fun.

facing the future

After talking about the past, it’s time to talk about something about the future. Up to now, I have been working for 3.5 years, and every year has passed so fast that I don’t have time to stop and think about what I originally made. How far is the goal? I often think about whether I have reached the desired goal and how far I am from my new goal. The knowledge I learned in the first 3 years was rather complicated, and I explored a lot of things, but I never insisted on outputting in a certain field. In the new year, I hope to be able to focus on a certain way, and when I have 5 years of work experience, I can meet one of the following: experts in a certain direction, authors of well-known open source libraries, authors of a knowledge base, Wrote a certain book.

Regardless of whether the goal can be achieved, I will set the following flag in 2022. If it is not achieved at the end of the year, no one will come to archaeology...

hopes to be able to:

1. Swimming from 0 to 1

2. Record life video more than 10 times

3. Travel 3 ~ 4 times

4. Read 10 non-technical books

5. Write more than 10 movie reviews

On the road of learning, be able to:

1. Create a Three.js system tutorial

2. Github summarizes the high-quality knowledge warehouse star 4k+ (Bet with Nanxi, if it reaches, there will be a big gift at the end of the year)

3.iOS learning

Finally, everyone is welcome to comment and write down their 2022 goals or wishes. , if you want to communicate with me, welcome to add qiufengblue to chat~

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