Intelligent operation: effective access to drive user life cycle value upgrade


The essence of user operation is to communicate effectively with users. Users are in different life cycle stages, and the corresponding operation priorities are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to help improve the user value of each life cycle through targeted operations.

The intelligent operation of Huawei Analytics Service features can help operators achieve "send the right message to the right person at the right moment" and effectively reach users. According to the user's life cycle and operational goals, it can be divided into 5 stages to reach:

1. The novice stage activation stage

The novice period generally means that the user completes the download and registration, but has not really used the core value of the product. User activation is to transform potential users and traffic from visitors to users, and guide users to use the core functions of the product.
On the intelligent operation platform, firstly select novice users through user tags and event circles, and then set up periodic tasks to push product news to novice users, so that users can reach core function points earlier and more easily.

  • Smart Operations - Create Audience Groups

2. Growth stage and transformation stage

Driving conversions is an important step in moving the user lifecycle towards maturity. At this stage, it is necessary to urge users to complete their expected goals and generate value through operations, such as purchasing and publishing content.

How to encourage users to generate more conversion actions? Good interaction and focused guidance will make it easier for users to enter the planned core path of the product. Taking the promotion of the first purchase as an example, intelligent operations are used to accurately select groups of people who have browsed a certain type of product many times, and send category coupons and push notifications to increase users' willingness to purchase.

3. Mature retention stage

In the stage of improving user retention, we need to find the key features of the product that users are keen on, and let users continue to explore new value in the product based on the existing viscosity.

For example, content-based apps mine users’ content type preferences through retention analysis, and continue to provide users with favorite content with the help of personalized recommendations through intelligent operations, thereby improving user retention rates.

4. Silent period wake-up stage

The awakening of sleeping users is an important part of user operation. First, we must identify sleeping users, and then send appropriate content to appropriate users to increase the open rate of push content.

A/B testing chooses the right copy to increase the open rate

Select the "Push Copy Test" template of intelligent operation, randomly divide the target users into two parts, push different copy, and select the copy with better effect according to the final test result for the creation of operation activities.

  • Push copy test template

Multi-channel intelligent reach, increase the reach rate

Appropriate content is ready, and with the help of the multi-wave marketing function of intelligent operation, the content can reach users more safely and quickly. When the message fails to be sent through Push for the first time, it will automatically re-send the SMS, and at the same time, set the anti-disturbance setting for the unreachable users to avoid repeated sending.

  • Multi-wave marketing capabilities

5. Lost period recall stage

Users who have already lost need to be recalled in order to continue using the product. For long-term inactive users, the recall strategy can be consistent with the wake-up strategy; however, for users who have already uninstalled, further uninstall analysis is required, and targeted recalls are given.

  • Uninstall recall process

    The user's life cycle management is long-term, intelligent operation supports multi-channel and multi-scenario accurate access to target audiences, and real-time monitoring of activity effects allows operators to easily build and manage each step in the activity process to achieve effective access at all stages .

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